Ayurvedic Perspective: Karma

Karma is action. It is also cause and effect. And it is much more. Karma refers to the actions that we take that set into motion the suffering that occurs in our lives. Karma is also the force that binds us to the cycle of birth and death. Liberation and one-ness occur as our karma exhausted. Once we are free of karma, we are free of our body and our mind and become one with everything.
Karma plants seeds in our most subtle body.
It is called the karmic sharira. Here, all of our past life karma resides. Some of it enters into this life allowing us to work through it. Much of it is stored away. Let’s look at the karma we set into motion in this life.
Puruṣārtha karma 
Puruṣārtha is the karma that is set into motion in this lifetime. We set into motion a lot of karma. Karma is set into motion each time we take a selfish action no matter how small. Each karma set into motion strengthens the bond that binds ahaṅkāra and ātmān. Some of that karma will create effects in this lifetime. Other karma becomes a seed that will be stored away and become past life karma during future incarnations.
Working through Karma: Karma is removed from our consciousness primarily through learning the lessons the karma has to teach. Karma serves a purpose. Once we learn truly learn the lesson, the seed is destroyed. Hence, the journey of our lives (and lifetimes) is one of learning many lessons. Each lesson learned leads to greater joy and deeper love.
Our True Nature: As karma dissipates, our true nature emerges. Our true nature is truly one of love and light. At first, that is felt as inner peace and the fruit of that is joy. In the final stages, according to the teaching of yoga, even that feeling dissipates. We then transcend our individuality and become the witness of all that is. We merge back with the field that exists behind all that has been created. In Samkhya Yoga and Ayurveda, this is the field of Purusha and Prakriti. In Hinduism this is Brahman. Names are not important. This experience is beyond all names and all forms. It is formless.
Om Shanti (In peace).
Be well, Be kind, Be love!