Ayurvedic practitioner in Napa, Sonoma with Francis Kellogg

The California College of Ayurveda is pleased to introduce the Ayurvedic Health Practitioner Interns 2015. Interns have completed their academic studies and work under the supervision of experienced clinical instructors. This semester’s talented group of interns comes from throughout the United States, Canada and United Kingdom.

Ayurvedic Health Practitioner (AHP) interns work on supporting patients to adopt a healthy lifestyle that is in harmony with their constitution. Patients learn about their constitution as well as the nature of any imbalances. They will also receive support to adjust their diet and lifestyle accordingly and to normalize your digestion and elimination. As part of the Ayurvedic program, an intern can include ayurvedic herbs, aromatherapy, color therapy, sound and mantra, and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy. This is is the best of preventative health care! For those who have a specific condition and are looking for clinical management through Ayurvedic Medicine, they should consider having a consultation with an Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist intern or graduate. 

Interview with Francis from Sonoma

1)  What inspired you to study Ayurvedic Medicine?

What originally inspired me to become an Ayurveda practitioner was the desire to be of service to others. I was attracted to Ayurveda for its simplicity of tuning our body, mind, and soul in alignment with the rhythms of nature. As a child, I was drawn to the mystical side of nature and the wonders it offers. Herbs and plants became the path from which I wanted to explore more about nature’s healing qualities. Ayurveda has offered me the tools to create a life of wellness, allowing a space for my soul to radiate so that I may spread a message of Hope, SelfLove and SelfCompassion.

2)    What do you think makes Ayurveda attractive to the public?

Ayurveda is becoming the path for longevity and wellness by giving people the tools to take charge of their lives and to live in harmony with their bodies and their environment. Ayurveda reminds us that we are all part of nature and through nature health is achieved. Ayurveda offers the wisdom to integrate and balance our environment with our body, mind, and soul by providing dietary guidelines, daily and seasonal routines, supportive foods, healthy behaviors and the proper use of the senses. By living a more sattvic life, people will create wellness instead of illness.

3)    What do you think about the future of Ayurveda in the United States?

As our population continues to grow, healthcare costs continue to climb, people are learning, albeit slowly, that the only way to prevent chronic diseases such as cancer, heart attack, and diabetes is to take more personal responsibility for their wellbeing. Health insurance companies and employers will come to the conclusion that is less costly to cover preventive medicine than to cover the cost of major illness. For example, few cancers are entirely genetic in origin. Studies suggest as many as two in three are related to environmental factors and lifestyle.

4)    What is your favorite therapy in this traditional system of medicine from India?

      I’m starting to discover more and more the benefits of Yoga Nidra as a therapy to identify blockages to the flow of energy. It’s a wondrous journey of awareness, going inside the body where deep relaxation and healing can take place.


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