Blessed By Cancer Support Group

Blessed By Cancer Support Group and the California College of Ayurveda Team Up To Present Two Donation-Based Programs For Patients with Cancer and Cancer Survivors Along With Their Supportive Friends and Family

Dates: November 10th and 17th
Time: 6:30 – 8:30pm
Location: Lotus Room at the California College of Ayurveda, 700 Zion Street, Nevada City.

November 10th: The Role of Ayurveda in Cancer Management

Ayurveda is an important system of medicine for optimizing the ability of the body to heal. Through individualized dietary programs, proper lifestyle and the proper use of the five senses, Ayurveda improves immune function. This program will explore a collaborative team approach to supporting the patient with cancer and specifically the role an Ayurvedic Practitioner plays as a part of the team. 

November 17th: Yoga Nidra as a Complementary Treatment for Cancer 

Yoga Nidra is a practice of guided deep relaxation combined with the use of intention and imagery for the purpose of supporting the healing of the body. Yoga Nidra can be used as a complementary approach to supporting the healing of cancer. Dr. Marc Halpern will introduce the practice and then guide participants on a 45 minute journey inside the body, as participants learn to remove subtle blockages to the flow of life energy. These blockages take the form of tension deep inside the tissues of the body. When the body relaxes on the deepest levels, and the mind is clear, at peace, and alert, the natural ability of the body to heal is activated. 

About Blessed By Cancer Support Group

Blessed By Cancer Support Group was founded by Sunshine Beck in 2011. It is a support group for women who are dealing with different types and stages of cancer. The group’s main focus is to offer emotional, educational and spiritual support. Blessed By Cancer Support Group hosts guest speakers offering alternative healing modalities as well as nutrition experts and cancer patients who inspire with their alternative cancer healing success stories. The group also serves as a resource for cutting edge publications and films on healing cancer. 
Sunshine Beck was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2006 and has been managing her condition with natural medicine ever since. Today, she is cancer free! Her path of healing has led her to explore and adopt practices that include raw foods, detoxification, meditation and deep emotional cleansing. Her journey has not only been physical but also emotional and spiritual. 
Blessed by Cancer Support Group meets every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month at 6pm at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital, Bldg 4, The Woman’s Resource Room 155 Glasson Way, Grass Valley. For more information please contact Sunshine at

About the California College of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the traditional medical system of India. The California College of Ayurveda was founded in 1995 by Dr. Marc Halpern and is a leading institution in natural medicine. The California College of Ayurveda trains practitioners who support patients on their healing journey using diet, herbs, lifestyle and sensory-based therapies as well as yoga and meditation. The California College of Ayurveda has collaborated with UC Davis to publish several studies on the effectiveness of herbs used in Ayurvedic medicines. The College’s founder, Dr Marc Halpern, is one of the few Westerners who have been recognized in both India and the United States as an expert in the field. He is the co-founder of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association and author of Healing Your Life; Lessons on the Path of Ayurveda and the CD, Yoga Nidra and Self Healing. 
For more information, please contact: Dr. Marc Halpern. Email: or the California College of Ayurveda,, (530) 478-9100.