Building Immunity with Ayurveda

With the recent COVID 19  pandemic, we have realized the importance of immunity more than ever. Ayurveda identifies immunity as “Ojas”. Ojas can be understood to be all factors that protect the body from external stressors. Building ojas makes us capable of fighting off diseases. Ayurveda does this holistically through four natural ojas enhancing means.

Building Ojas through Food

Eating fresh, home-cooked meals is the basic step in building immunity. In addition to that, there are specific ojas building foods such as ghee (clarified butter), whole grains, sesame oil,  honey, dates, milk, etc. When such foods are consumed in the right way as per one’s constitution, they deeply nourish the body!

Building Ojas through Practices

A simple practice like self oil massage using an appropriate oil for one’s dosha or body type nourishes the tissues and builds ojas. For example sesame oil for vata, coconut oil for pitta, and mustard oil for Kapha. Practices like meditation, regular exercise, yoga, etc. help to keep all doshas in balance and maintain health in the long run.

Building Ojas through Lifestyle

A sattvic lifestyle is the key to a healthy life. Food, sleep, and healthy management of sexual energy are the three pillars of life as per Ayurveda. Following healthy eating guidelines to ensure balanced digestion, getting a good night’s sleep, and having healthy, nurturing relationships act as tonics for the body and mind. They help to build the body’s resistance to disease.

Building Ojas through Herbs

Herbs, taken along with following all the above practices, further enhance the process of building ojas. The best herbs are called rasayanas – herbs that build ojas. Two common herbs for this purpose are:


It is an adaptogen that helps to lower stress and fatigue, acts as a tonic, and helps arrest degeneration of the cells of the body.


It is called a nectar of immortality. It is anti-inflammatory, boosts immunity, and is a very beneficial rasayana.

An Ayurvedic Practitioner acts as a healer, coach, and guide using the above tools to support you. Your practitioner will design a suitable health plan for you that is ideal for you.  When you work with an Ayurvedic Practitioner, they help you understand your constitution (doshic balance) and how to heal yourself naturally by resetting your routines, practices, and diet so that your own lifestyle assists your body to be well and to stay well! 

Author: Neha Kabra CAS

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