The California College of Ayurveda Relocates in Northern California

The ayurvedic school finds a new home in Nevada City, California and features herbal training gardens, a state-of-the art pancha karma center, an Ayurvedic yoga studio and a complete library of ayurveda books and resources. Enrollment for the 2011 ayurvedic education programs is now open at the new location.

 The California College of Ayurveda has moved into its new home at 700 Zion Street in Nevada City, CA just in time for the beginning of the 2010 full-time Level I Ayurvedic studies program.

The new location includes a complete community healthcare clinic that provides a full range of preventative and disease management services. The education center offers classes in natural approaches to weight loss, breathing easily, healthy relationships, alleviating anxiety and depression, meditation, yoga and much more.

Ayurveda, which literally means “The Science of Life,” is the healing science from India. It has been practiced for over 5,000 years by millions of individuals to assist the body in journeying back to optimal health. More and more people are discovering that these ancient principles are easily applicable to modern life and that they have the power to create health and contentment. Health comes when an individual lives in harmony with their true nature as spirit. Ayurveda allows people to get a glimpse of their individual true nature and to find the best ways to live a life of balance. It provides holistic understanding and healing to people on all levels: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Ayurveda uses a multitude of healing modalities including herbs, diet, colors, aromas, sound, lifestyle recommendations, pancha karma, meditation, and yoga.

The California College of Ayurveda was founded in 1995 by Dr. Marc Halpern and is widely regarded as the finest institution for the study of Ayurvedic medicine in the United States. In the new location, students nationwide will have a unique opportunity to receive herbal training in an organic herbal teaching and demonstration garden. CCA offers a comprehensive curriculum, with three levels of programs leading to certification as a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist (C.A.S.). Ayurveda school offers a variety of shorter length workshops and seminars, and trains students to become the healers of the future, Ayurvedic practitioners dedicated to understanding the whole person – physically, emotionally, spiritually.

Enrollment for 2011 is now open for the full-time classes in South and North California and for the Distance Learning program available nationwide and in Latinamerica. For more details, please call (530) 478 9100 or visit