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Springtime Allergies and Ayurveda

Allergies are called pratyūrjatā in Ayurveda. Allergies are caused by a faulty response by the immune system to something in the environment. The immune system reacts as if the substance (pollen, food protein, chemical, etc) … More »

Ayurvedic Tips For Pregnancy

Ayurvedic Tips For Pregnancy

Ayurveda states that the “Prakruti” or constitution is determined at the moment of conception. Among all the standard do’s and don’ts of pregnancy Ayurveda throws in a few things that may actually feel very intuitive. … More »

Basti Therapy Blog

What is Basti? A Look At Ayurvedic Enemas

A major component of Ayurveda’s Panchakarma cleanses, Basti is imperative for the purpose of clearing disease due to Vata Dosha and promoting longevity. Basti, which is an Ayurvedic enema, is a suppository that can be … More »