Ayurveda: “Simple Tools to Upgrade your Life”

The ancient teachings of Ayurveda provide us with time tested guidelines  to expand one’s perspective on Optimum Wellness. This workshop series has been created to empower anyone who is committed to developing greater harmony as … More »

Pinda Swedana with Dr. Liladhar Gupta

Pinda Swedana: The use of herbs and rice wrapped in cotton or gauze and then massaged into the body. This is a beautiful and important technique for massage and highly beneficial for the treatment of … More »

Introduction to Vedic Astrology “Jyotish”

 This course, taught by Krishna Darshan (Alan Wiuker), provides an introduction to the classical system of Vedic astrology “Jyotish” and its relationship with yoga, Vedanta philosophy and Ayurveda. Students will learn to identify mental tendencies, … More »

Relationships and Love: A Holistic Approach

This three-week program explores your Ayurvedic Constitution and the roles it plays in your relationship. Develop ways to build a more successful relationship. Learn to live harmoniously together. Gain insight on how to best support … More »

The Holistic Cardiac Care Program

This six-week program will provide patient support in creating a less stressful and healthier lifestyle. • Make dietary changes away from fast/processed foods and toward healthy whole foods. • Incorporate lifestyle changes to slow down … More »

Ayurveda and Cancer

During this two-day program, you will learn about Cancer from a Western and Ayurvedic perspective and explore how to support the healing process in patients who are confronting these conditions. You will leave the workshop … More »