Panchakarma workshop

Panchakarma Specialist

Panchakarma Specialist (44 hours) Overview: A Panchakarma Specialist is a practitioner who is trained to both understand the traditional process of purifying and rejuvenating the body and is capable of designing and delivering a proper … More »

Ayurvedic Yoga Practitioner Program

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Workshop (178 hours) Overview: Students will learn the classical approach to Yoga Therapy and how the eight limbs of yoga can be utilized in the healing process. There is an emphasis on … More »

Yoga Nidra Graceful Transitions

Yoga Nidra: End-Of-Life Training 

Course Overview Yoga Nidra the art of conscious deep relaxation awakens a return of intimacy, reverence, and sanctity to dying and death by offering an accessible means to transcend fears and inspire peace, love, and … More »

Pinda Swedana course in Nevada City California

Pinda Svedana

Course Overview Pinda Svedana is a deeply therapeutic, site-specific, localized heat and massage application. This 3-day, 21-hour course provides students with hands-on experience preparing and using pindas (boluses) in groups of two. Pindas are prepared … More »

Marma therapy course

Marma Therapy Program

Small-Group Mentorship Training This class is limited to 16 students for an exceptional training Program Overview Marma points are 107 energetic body points that allow access to the body, mind, and consciousness. During this eight-day, … More »

Receiving an Ayurvedic Facial

Ayurvedic Facials Course

Course Overview During this 4 day hands-on program, students will learn the beautiful and relaxing art of providing Ayurvedic facials. Students work in groups of two, giving and receiving facials while learning a multi-part procedure … More »

Nymphea tina lily in flower

Foundations of Ayurveda

Overview This outstanding self-directed home study class introduces students to the science of Ayurveda and will assist students in learning the basic language and concepts of Ayurveda. Foundations of Ayurveda is a required class for students … More »