CCA Completes Purchase of it’s New Home!!!

We are so very happy to announce that on June 24th, the purchase of the former Miner’s Clinic was completed by the California College of Ayurveda.  This transaction would not have been possible with out the generosity of the former owner (Dan Mason) who agreed to self-finance the transaction. We are very grateful to him and pleased to support his vision of the property being used as a holistic healing center.

This is a very exciting day for the college, our students and our community as we begin our transition from our current location into our new home. This transition begins with planning the first phase of the remodeling of the new 12,500 sq ft facility which is located on nearly 2 acres of land.  See photos of the new location

Phases of the Remodel

The first phase of the remodel will include:  Creating a sacred space for our new clinic allowing the healing process to begin as soon as the patient walks through the door; a beautiful but temporary classroom which will later house our panchakarma center; an Herbal Medicine Center that will act as a dispensary and teaching facility complete with a demonstration garden and administrative offices so  that our dedicated staff can best serve our students. This phase of the remodel is anticipated to cost 90,000 dollars.  

The second phase will include a sacred community space that will serve the purpose of a classroom, meditation hall and yoga center.   This phase of the remodel is anticipated to cost 85,000 dollars.

The third phase will focus on dormitories where students will live on campus in a loving, healing and harmonious community while practicing the principles of Ayurveda. This phase of the project is estimated to cost 60,000 dollars.

Help Bring the Dream into Reality

In order to create this we need your help. Seriously, we’ve gone out on a limb to create this space and we believe that the blessings of the Divine are working with us to unfold this vision. So far we have raised more than 8,000.00 dollars. CCA also has a building fund of an additional 30,000 dollars. This will get us started, but we won’t get far without more support. If you are in a position to support our College and help bring Ayurvedic education to the next level of quality, status and professionalism, please donate generously to this effort. 100% of the proceeds raised are going toward the remodel.  0% will go toward administrative costs or salaries.

We’ve attached a donation and sponsorship sheet for you to review.  To make a donation, please call Katie Jones at (530) 274 – 9100 (ext. 0) and make a donation by credit card or personal check. You can also arrange for a monthly donation via a monthly billing of your credit card.

Handyman / Contracting and Human Resource Help Needed Right Away

Do you have skills and a desire to see this dream come to fruition? We need you! Can you donate time to help us remodel?  We need people who know how to paint, hang dry wall, handle electricity, lay down flooring and so much more. Our project coordinator is Laura Gerhardt. She can be reached at (530) 265-8781 or by email at

The Vision of the California College of Ayurveda

The California College of Ayurveda is dedicated to providing the highest quality education, health care, and research in the field of Ayurveda. We train students to become the healers of the future, practitioners dedicated to understanding the whole person physically, emotionally, and spiritually. From this understanding, practitioners will be able to identify areas of disharmony between a client’s actions, his or her constitution, and the environment. Practitioners will then understand how this disharmony relates to the client’s illness or imbalance, and will develop a program of care to re-establish harmony and support their client on his or her journey toward optimal health. 

The Vision of Our New Facility

1.     A first class educational center where our students can receive the finest education in the field of Ayurveda
2.     A high quality community health care clinic able to serve our community by facilitating sustainable healing and well-being for each person through the creation of harmony.
3.     A living Ayurvedic community with food gardens tended by the students.
4.     Herbal teaching gardens
5.     A community gathering and teaching center sharing the culture and knowledge of Ayurveda and Yoga.

Discuss your Contribution with Dr. Marc Halpern

If you would like to discuss your donation with Dr. Marc Halpern, please call our front desk at (530) 274 – 9100 (ext. 0) to schedule a time to speak with him. Tours of the new facility can be arranged.

*Suggested Contributions and Gifts of Appreciation

While all contributions are accepted and appreciated, the larger donations below will help us to realize our dream more quickly and in return we would like to give you a gift for your generosity.

$500.00:  Receive a signed “special edition,” hard cover copy of Dr. Halpern’s textbook, Principles of Ayurvedic Medicine.

$1,000.00:  Receive the signed textbook and have your name engraved on a plaque in our lobby thanking our supporters.

$2,500.00:  Receive all of the above and a gift certificate to any seminar or workshop taught by Dr. Marc Halpern, including Ayurvedic Marma Therapy and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy. (Value $500 – $1,000)

$5,000.00:  Receive all of the above. In addition, your plaque will be included in a special section of donors called Charaka Donors. (Charaka is the great sage of Ayurveda who first communicated the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda that is studied today by all students)

$10,000.00:  Receive all of the above. In addition, your plaque will be included in a special section called Dhanvantari Donors (Lord Dhanvanatari is the primal diety of healing in Ayurveda)

$25,000.00:  Receive all of the above and two 10-day panchakarma programs. (Value of $8000.00. in total)

$50,000.00:  Receive all of the above and four 10-day panchakarma programs.  (Value of $16,000.00 in total)

$100,000.00:  Receive all of the above plus six 10 day panchakarma programs.  (Value of $24,000.00 and we will dedicate our Ayurvedic Clinic, Panchakarma Center, Herb Garden or Classroom to you for your generosity in support of Ayurveda (Four donors maximum).

$200,000.00:  Receive all of the above and panchakarma treatments once per year and unlimited health care consultations for the rest of your life through our college.

*Please note that contributions to the California College of Ayurveda are NOT tax deductible and the California College of Ayurveda is NOT a non-profit organization.  We hope that your contribution is motivated by your love and support for our mission and vision and the Ayurvedic profession. – Namaste’

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