CCA Graduate Ashley Meadows, Takes Healing Your Life™ Into the Community College Setting

Ashley Meadows is a CCA graduate living in Marin County, California where she sees patients both in-person at her office in San Rafael and online. In her studio, she also provides Consultations and Ayurvedic Body Therapies in addition to other modalities. She has completed the Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist program at CCA and attended the college’s Yoga Nidra and Marma workshops. She plans to continue her education and become a Medical Ayurvedic Specialist.

Ashley will be conducting the Healing Your Life™ community-based education program, designed by Dr. Marc Halpern, at the College of Marin on both the Kentfield and Novato campuses.  Ashley says “What I love about the HYL program is how the format is so universal for all ages. I have taught it to 8th graders as well as a group of elders in their 80s.” “It’s fun, interactive, and there is so much wonderful information to share. People can really relate to it and apply the practical knowledge into their lives immediately.” Ashley has taught the program three times now and will soon be offering the program at the College of Marin every semester. Ashley also plans to offer the program for children at Heartwood Charter Waldorf School and Marin Montessori next spring. 

In addition to leading the CCA Healing Your Life™ program, Ashley is enamored with seeing patients. “What I love about seeing patients is that Ayurveda has the ability to touch the heart of every soul, at any stage in their life, or on any path. It is so rewarding to see a client’s face light up when something clicks for them, and the recommendation is not just something they have to do but becomes a part of who they are. Seeing the progression in their state of mind, when they naturally start to align and start to practice Ayurveda instinctually is truly humbling. Watching my clients recouple with their innermost wisdom and reconnect to spirit is nothing short of miraculous.”

Ayurveda is personal to Ashley.Ayurveda saved my life! Before finding this path, I was heading down a very dark road. I was lost, disconnected, unhealthy, and truly unhappy. Ayurveda taught me, most importantly, how to love myself again. It has given me knowledge and tools to heal myself and the wisdom to not only live but to live in connection with the Divine Spirit. Personally, I am a completely different person than I was 6 years ago. I am now able to flow in life, mindfully choosing grace and love, over anger and agitation. I have the knowledge to choose what is best for me at the time, and the mental clarity to create healthy experiences in my life. Professionally, I am now able to share this knowledge, and my own personal experiences with the world in hopes that I may be able to shine a beautiful golden healing light on whoever may walk down that dark path I crossed so many years ago. I look forward to all the journeys the “knowledge of life” will take me on, because I am a student of Ayurveda for the rest of my time here on earth and my true dharma is to keep learning and sharing this timeless wisdom.” 


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