CCA Graduate Dr. Ranjana Chawla’s Journey To Success

Her Journey to Success

Ranjana Chawla started her Ayurvedic educational journey at CCA in 2012 and graduated as an Ayurvedic Doctor in 2018. Today she is a successful practitioner in private practice in Great Falls, Virginia where she practices 30 hours per week seeing an average of 12 patient visits each week, mainly from her home. This generates her, on average, $6500.00 in income each month.

Ranjana says that practicing Ayurveda is her passion. While her financial success is important, she states that the true measure of her success lies in the positive impact she’s made on the lives of her patients. “My success stems from treating each patient as a divine connection. I approach every interaction with a positive attitude and commit to making each visit impactful. Seeking guidance from a higher power when faced with challenges has been my guiding light. My passion for my work makes it very meaningful and joyful.

Serving is her purpose.

“My purpose is to serve as a vessel of healing for my patients. I approach my work with a profound sense of gratitude and understanding that I’ve been entrusted with the privilege of enhancing, restoring, and saving lives. My divine purpose is to spread the wisdom of Ayurveda and help cure as many patients as I can in this lifetime!

Ranjana developed a holistic marketing strategy which has been key to building a sustained practice. She actively nurtures relationships with a diverse range of healthcare professionals, including acupuncturists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and medical doctors. Through these relationships, she not only receives valuable referrals but also contributes to a comprehensive and integrated approach to healthcare.  She also writes articles, conducts workshops, and webinars, shares health tips with her community through social media, and has a lovely website upon which she shares the testimonials of her patients. Ranjana embraces all opportunities to share Ayurveda and as such both sponsors and teaches at various online health summits.

Observing the transformation within her patients has been incredibly rewarding for Ranjana. “Their smiles and testimonials that they never felt this good in their life fuel my commitment to this healing journey.”

A Challenging Case

I had a patient who was suffering from Miege syndrome, a rare disorder that results in tense muscular contractions (dystonia) and abnormal movements in parts of the face such as the tongue, eye, and jaw.  The patient was in a lot of pain and her symptoms became worse in the presence of others. She had a history of significant emotional abuse during childhood which led to an attempt to appear perfect and flawless as an adult, especially in her relationships. This resulted in both disappointment and heartache.

I approached her care from a body-mind-spirit perspective. She needed deep nourishment on a physical and emotional level. Our focus included self-love as well as dietary and herbal therapies to restore balance.  I also introduced her to the daily practice of abhyanga and helped her to restore her capacity to breathe from her belly.

Remarkably, her symptoms lessened and then began to disappear. This transformation serves to inspire me and help me remember that ailments often stem from deeper emotional and spiritual imbalances that deserve equal attention.

Advice for Students and New Graduates 

It’s very important to listen to our patients. Within their story lies the underlying currents of their consciousness. Our role in their journey extends beyond symptomatic relief; it’s about understanding the emotional, mental, and spiritual layers that contribute to their well-being. By connecting deeply with their souls and uncovering the ‘why’ behind their condition, the patient’s path to healing is illuminated and they are able to foster a profound reconnection with themselves. Through this approach, we not only diagnose and treat but also create space for empathy and authentic connection, aligning with Ayurveda’s essence. As practitioners, we empower patients to embark on transformative journeys, and in doing so, we find our own purpose fulfilled.

I encourage you to believe in your own potential. Embrace challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. Follow your calling with passion, commitment, and kindness, knowing that your dedication to your dharma will lead you to success and fulfillment.”


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