CCA Graduate Rita Burgos’s Expanding Success

Rita Burgos has been a student of Ayurveda for more than a decade, completing her first course at the California College of Ayurveda in 2012. Since then, she has continued her education completing almost every course that college has to offer. She has the College’s highest level of certification as an Ayurvedic Doctor (Now called Medical Ayurvedic Specialist) with supplemental certifications as a Panchakarma Specialist and a teacher of Yoga Nidra.

Rita Burgos has a beautiful background in the healing arts. She started out as a mind-body counselor who worked with energy medicine. She’s studied group communication through a process called “Council” which focuses on both listening and heart-centered communication. At first, all her training and work with the public was integrated. Today, it is focused almost entirely on Ayurveda though her past training informs her approach to her patients.

Rita’s purpose (dharma) is to help individuals heal, to help them cross the bridge of their current challenge, and to ease the physical and emotional load they are carrying. Through this, she supports them to move toward higher spiritual awareness. Her personal goal she says is “to truly understand everything I do to be in service to the Divine. If I can truly see my life and actions in that way, then everything takes care of itself.”

A Successful Ayurvedic Practice

Ayurveda is Rita’s full-time career. She dedicates approximately 35-40 hours per week to her practice, including seeing patients and handling related administration. Rita charges $300.00 for new patient visits and $160.00 for follow-up care. While Rita is shy about disclosing how much money she earns, she says that “she makes enough to live comfortably in Los Angeles, California, and to support her family. She can afford an attractive office space and has hired two staff members. 

When reflecting on her success, she says, “I try my best to stay steady and not to jump to the new flavor of the month. I have faith that opportunities come at just the right time. In moments when the business has slowed down, I see an opportunity for more time to do creative thinking and infrastructure development for the business. Expansion and contraction are both blessings.” 

Every practitioner needs to find patients. Rita says, “Most of my patients come from referrals. However, I also have a  small monthly ad purchase on Google. Occasionally for specific events, I will purchase a social media ad. When I first started out, I gave many talks and advertised through places such as Meetups.” 

Advice for New Practitioners

In addition to all she has shared, Rita feels it is important to “follow your intuition and allow it to guide you to a place of integrity. Pay attention to the little details and learn from each patient.  Make sure that all aspects of your business are being done professionally. With a professional foundation, you will be poised to take risks when the opportunity arises. Hiring an office administrator involved taking a financial risk but it ultimately became beneficial financially and personally. I recently made my first major capital investment with my new office space. I couldn’t have arrived at this point without having done the foundational work in the past. Finally, never lose touch with your spiritual practice. Patients will see this even if you never mention your spiritual practice to them.”

More About Rita’s Activities

While I occasionally do private sessions in Yoga Nidra, I integrate it into the Ayurvedic Counseling work that I do. I’m blessed to have a full herbal pharmacy that was inspired by my training at CCA. At my new center, I’ll soon be offering a wide array of stress reduction classes that have also been inspired by my training. 

Note: Rita’s business was originally called “Rebuild Ayurveda” and was recently changed to “Ayo Ayurveda” as she moved into her new office.
The new name comes from her and her husband’s connection to their connections to the Philippines and Nigeria. The word means “joy and “good.”

Get in Contact with Rita:
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Phone: (323) 867 – 9947