CCA Graduate, Yoshiko Monson’s Success In Following Her Dharma

Yoshiko Monson CAS graduated from California College of Ayurveda in 2015 as a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist and is currently practicing full-time in Austin, Texas, where she sees 20-25 patient visits each week. She also gives lectures introducing Ayurveda to medical professionals and envisions a world where Ayurveda coexists alongside Western Medicine. In addition to providing consultations, Yoshiko practices marma therapy (Ayurvedic energy-touch healing) and Yoga Nidra with her patients.

Yoshiko’s purpose (dharma) is to return the blessings that she has received from Ayurveda to society. She says, “I wish to spend my life eliminating the pain and suffering of all the people on the planet.” Yoshiko hopes to gain as much experience as possible and then one day in the future, teach the next generation of Ayurvedic practitioners and leaders. 

Originally from Japan, Yoshiko looks forward to bringing the knowledge she has learned back to her home country. 

Yoshiko’s Success

Yoshiko’s practice is full. She charges $260.00 for an initial 2-hour appointment where she gets to know her patients. For follow-up care, she charges $95.00. These visits last 45 minutes. She follows the outline of care that she learned from CCA. 

Yoshiko says, “I think I am blessed with an environment that allows me to put my all into my work. I have outstanding family support and my patients are amazing. I followed everything I learned at CCA, even my business plan. I try to stay focused and when I get lost, I come back to the basics.”

Yoshiko hasn’t had to market herself extensively. She says that she has a website but does not focus on it very much. Most of her patients come through word-of-mouth.  “My patients, refer their families, friends, and acquaintances.”

Experiencing Joy in Helping Others

Yoshiko gains great satisfaction from helping others and there is joy in watching her patient’s illnesses improve. This she says, makes her “truly happy”.  “I am very intuitive by nature. When I interact with patients, I see a dark, heavy, discordant sound or energy inside of them that is making them sick. Beneath that, I see a very beautiful divine light. I feel like my job is to help them to make their inner light shine brighter.  Together we remove the darkness, and they begin to radiate from within. When this happens, it is very rewarding, and I am overwhelmed with joy.”

Yoshiko’s Advice to New Graduates

Yoshiko says, “If your goals are clear and you have a strong belief that you can achieve them, I’m sure you will reach your goals.  I especially recommend starting your plans as soon as possible after graduation. By doing so, I think you will be able to maintain your motivation and work with passion.” 

Final Thoughts from Yoshiko

“I am still only halfway through my life journey. I will continue to dedicate myself to eliminating pain and suffering and to pass on this wisdom to the next generation, just as our ancient predecessors left this wisdom to the present day. I will do my best. I will walk with respect to Ayurvedic routines so that I may stay healthy and can achieve this.”

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