Celebration of Ayurveda Graduation Ceremony & Puja

Dear Graduating Students and all past Graduates, You are invited to our Celebration of Ayurveda on June 14th & 15th.

 Dhanvantari Puja conducted by Swami Sita Ramananda is Friday evening, June 14th at 7:30pm for all students, family and guests.

Organic India Garden Inauguration with Prashanti De Jager and Dr. Marc  Halpern is Saturday, June 15th 10am.

Graduation Ceremony with special guests, Prashanti De Jager, Swami Sita Ramananda and Didi Ananda Lalita as featured speakers is Saturday,       June 15th at 10:30am.

California College of Ayurveda would be honored to have you come to be recognized and celebrated.  Your family and friends are welcome.



Please RSVP by May 24, 2013

Email coa@ayurvedacollege.com

Or call 530-478-9100 





The CCA campus is closed during local public safety power shut-off events.

Due to the power outage, the campus is currently closed. We expect to re-open 10/27.