Our Ebb & Flow An Ayurvedic Approach to Female Hormonal Imbalance By Anna Sullivan

In women, hormones are a pivotal part of keeping mind, body and spirit balanced. A healthy woman is a woman whose hormones are in balance. Irregular fluctuations, lack or excessive amounts of reproductive hormones in females can cause a plethora of physical & psychological disease. Throughout a woman’s life she is faced with constant increases & decreases in her reproductive hormones, through major body shifts such as the onset of menses, through the monthly 28-day cycle, during pregnancy, and menopause. Ayurveda looks at regulating hormones with the use of diet and lifestyle techniques along with specific herbs for more demanding pathologies & symptoms.

In today’s western world, the amount of women who are suffering from issues due to hormonal imbalances is ever increasing. Women are experiencing symptoms such as painful menstruation, emotional instability, and infertility due to stress, poor diet, environmental toxins, and having an unhealthy diet & lifestyle. Rebalancing the female hormonal system is a pivotal part of a woman taking control of her life again. Many women are operating at the mercy of their hormone fluctuations which impedes each and every part of their life. In order to live in a more peaceful, natural state, Ayurveda teaches women to gain their life back through creating body awareness & thus taking a hold of their diet & lifestyle routines to create better rhythms throughout their whole system. 

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