The Healing Your Life™ (HYL) Counselor Course is a comprehensive program designed to professionally train Ayurvedic Educators and Practitioners to actively bring Ayurveda into their communities with HYL workshops. Each workshop is an eight module series, prepared in a visual PowerPoint format with applicable exercises. All participants receive a HYL Workbook/Journal drafted to work with each 

module for convenient reference and documentation. Each sequen-tial module is aimed to gradually link the healing principles of Ayurveda with daily life choices. The HYL workshop is successful in many regards; cultivates healing, inspires to transform lifestyle, enhances inner development, and educates the community. 

 This program is unique for bringing Ayurveda to the mainstream. A pilot program has been successfully conducted and reviews from community participants have been exceptional. The workshops guide participants to understanding their own body constitution, imbalances, and help in deciphering a harmonious lifestyle for them to heal, using Ayurveda. The HYL Counselor is professionally trained to take their workshop participants through the program in an applied format, aide with issues that may arise with each daily routine taught, lead the community towards healing lifestyles and educate towards a deeper understanding of Ayurvedic lifestyle principles. 

The Healing Your Life™ program is unique because the HYL Counselor not only imparts knowledge, demonstrates daily routines, but provides in-class support as the community progresses through each healing lifestyle module. 

Regular Course Fee: $850

First time Special Offer: $450 if registered before September Sept. 26th.

Plus Non-refundable Registration fee: $25

Date: October 11-15th 2013 

Location: Northern California, Nevada City 

Highlights of the HYL Counselor Program:

You will receive training on how to use the materials for each module, HYL website, and present the classes. The materials include a step by step instructional course book with answered FAQs about each module and precautionary guidelines for various practices. 

Training involves all practical applications within the modules such as meditation techniques, mantra chanting, eye wash, neti pot use, blending essential oils for aromatherapy and massage for each body type etc.
HYL counselors receive unique support: 
. Your choice of marketing materials are provided ready to print. 
. HYL counselors are provided with a website for assistance that handles all workshop registration and postings. 
. There is on-going support with periodic classes to support HYL counselors to stay informed about updates and to improve presentation, marketing and attendance. 
Healing Your Life™ is a registered trademark of the California College of Ayurveda. HYL Counselors are certified and licensed to present the Healing Your Life™ work-shops in their communities. The above fees are for the professional training in order for you to be certified as a HYL Counselor and provide the HYL program in the community. 
Prior to registration, you must read the HYL Counselor Agreement form so that you may use the Healing Your Life™ website, materials and ensure that you conduct the HYL workshops in a professional manner, as per the terms of agreement. Upon registration, you will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions within the HYL Counselor Agreement. 

More Information and Registration: 

Pre-requisites: Completion of Level 1; Ayurvedic Health Educator training. Completion of reading: Healing Your Life; Lesson’s on the Path of Ayurveda by Dr. Marc Halpern. 

For more information, registration and to read the licensing arrangement, please visit the website at http://www.healing-your-life.com/content/healing-your-life-counselortraining-program (Username: Ayurveda; Password: ayurveda4u). 
You may register and make the payment on-line using the link provided above. You are required to print out the HYL Counselor Agreement forms, read, sign, and return them to CCA upon registration or bring it with you. If you are not a graduate of CCA, please mail or bring in a copy of your Ayurveda training certification as well. 
If you have further questions regarding the HYL Counselor Course and program, please send an e-mail to mrunalini@ayurvedacollege.com
Do not call CCA for information because you will be referred to the email above. 
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