The Holistic Cardiac Care Program

This six-week program will provide patient support in creating a less stressful and healthier lifestyle.

• Make dietary changes away from fast/processed foods and toward healthy whole foods.
• Incorporate lifestyle changes to slow down and take time to sit, eat and digest food.
• Build a lifestyle that includes making time each day for reflection.
• Learn Progressive Relaxation: a 30 minute mindfulness based relaxation exercise.
• Practice gentle yoga-based exercises to support flexibility and tone.
• Form strategies for eliminating toxic lifestyle choices such as cigarette smoking and alcohol abuse.
• Create a supportive environment to nourish and nurture rather than deplete and stress.


Nevada City Campus: 700 Zion St. Nevada City, CA 95959

Dates: March 5 at 10:00am – April 9 at 12:00pm

Fees (financial scholarships available)
$95 Advance Registration by Feb. 25
$125 Standard Registration
$25 Per Workshop

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