How To Get A Complete Cleansing Experience From Home

Ayurveda teaches us the importance of seasonal cleansing of the body and mind, and by doing so we can improve our immunity by regulating and supporting healthy and balanced digestion and elimination. Cleansing and building immunity is more critical than ever before, and Ayurveda facilitates personal empowerment by understanding one’s unique constitution and physiology. 

To better support you through your personal healing journey and Ayurvedic practice, we have designed the CCA At-Home Cleanse. This 21-day cleanse was inspired by and contains classical elements of traditional Panchakarma and focuses on providing you with a complete cleansing experience from the comfort of your own home. 

CCA At Home Cleanse

About The CCA At-Home Cleanse Program

Overseen and guided by two Ayurvedic Practitioners, this gentle group cleanse focuses on three essential aspects of cleaning one’s body: preparation, the main processes, and recovery. You will learn about your Dosha: Vata, Pitta, or Kapha, as well as how to treat any imbalance you have on a unique and individual basis.

This program will illuminate any unhealthy relationships you have with carbs, sugars, alcohol, caffeine, etc., and help empower you to make positive changes in your life. By the end, you will know what foods are best for your dosha; not only what to eat but how to eat.  You will learn herbalism, spicing, how to make Indian foods, how to meditate, and the basis for preventative medicine.

Fall Cleanse BlogConnection and Community 

During the cleanse program you will meet via Zoom as a group. These meetings are also an opportunity for you to learn from one another and form relationships as you share your experiences during the program. We offer additional support for those who need it through 15-minute private consultations with one of the practitioners leading the cleanse.

Cleanse Supplies and Materials

The herbal pharmacy at CCA and your Ayurvedic Practitioners have thoughtfully designed a CCA At-Home Cleanse Kit that will be mailed directly to your home. This kit contains herbal formulas, body therapy aides, and other supplies. There are just a few items you will need to obtain to complete the kit, such as rice and ghee. 

Ayurvedic Education and Lifelong Tools 

Under the guidance of our Ayurvedic Practitioners and shared education from other peers participating in the cleanse, you will learn cleansing techniques, recipes, meditations, and more. These will serve as lifelong tools in which you will have the confidence to continue to draw when needed.  

We do encourage those who are interested to consider that participating in the CCA At-Home Cleanse program is a commitment. There will be times when it may feel intense and challenging but we know that what you will gain is a fresh perspective and your experience will be worthwhile. For program dates, registration and more information visit our CCA At-Home Cleanse Program page.