Identifying the Doshas: What Does Pitta Dosha Look Like?

Do you wonder if you might be pitta dosha? Pitta is the dosha comprised of fire and water and which has the qualities associated with these two elements – especially, pitta tends to be hot, sharp, light, and moist. Below you will find the physical characteristics which are typical of pitta.

In addition to these physical characteristics, pitta types tend to be driven, focused, and good at leadership roles. When out of balance, they can be overly intense, angry, judgmental. Physically they tend towards loose stools, heartburn, and skin rashes. Does this describe you?

Physical Characteristics of Pitta Dosha

The shape of the face of a person with a pitta nature is angular. The sharp quality of pitta is reflected here. There is often an intensity in the face suggestive of passion, intensity or scrutiny. The shape of the face may appear more triangular or square. The bones tend to be prominent, especially the jaw or the cheekbones. This is not due to a lack of tissue or musculature, as in a person of vata nature, but simply to strong features.

The eyes of a person of pitta nature tend to be moderate in size and characteristically deep set. Although not all people of pitta nature have deep-set eyes, those who do usually have a great deal of discernment, allowing them to see clearly through illusion. Deep-set eyes are a classic pitta characteristic.

The nose of a person of pitta nature is of medium size relative to the size of the face. The bridge of the nose is moderate as well.

The size of the lips of a person of pitta nature tends to be medium. They do not appear to be dry or chapped.

The complexion of a person with a pitta nature tends to be rosy or ruddy. This reveals the heat within their system.

The hair of a person with a pitta nature tends to be fine and light in color. The hair may turn gray early as a result of the heat burning out the color. Male pattern baldness is sometimes associated with pitta but is not as reliable of an indicator.

The skin of a person with a pitta nature tends to be oily and prone to rashes. The skin is of a moderate thickness.

The bone structure of a person with a pitta nature tends to be moderate. This is a relative term that assesses the circumference of a bone relative to its length. Pitta-type bones tend to be of medium length and circumference.

The shape of the bones is often reflected in the neck. A pitta-type neck tends to be of moderate length and circumference with well-defined musculature.

People of pitta nature tend to have fingers that match the length and circumference of the bones in general. They are of moderate length and circumference. The longest finger tends to be about the same length as the palm. The palm itself tends to be square in shape.

People with a pitta nature or imbalance tend to have moderately thick nails. They are strong and do not crack easily.

Body Build
The overall body build of a person of pitta nature or imbalance tends to be medium or mesomorphic. They tend to have a moderate body build with well-defined musculature. Taken as a whole, it is observed that the length of their body is moderate relative to the circumference of their body. This is the defining feature, regardless of height.

Excerpt from Principles of Ayurvedic Medicine, by Dr. Marc Halpern, Founder of the California College of Ayurveda