Letter from the President

SPRING HAS SPRUNG, kapha dosha is blooming and vata dosha has retreated. There is less dryness and lightness, and more moist, lush energy. New growth is all around and within us! 

 Here at the College, our programs are blooming too. There is so much going on I am not sure where to begin. I’m writing this from theairport, returning home from teaching the Yoga Nidra Teacher Training program and the Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist course at the Sivananda Retreat in the Bahamas. It was a beautiful two-and-a-half weeks of meditation, chanting, yoga, deep relaxation, and time walking on the beach. 

 In March, we started our Spring weekend class and today, April 2nd, our Spring full-time class begins. While our regular academic and Yoga Therapy programs continue to grow, so too is our Ayurvedic Massage and Body Therapist training program. April 1st was the start of our spring five-day intensive featuring the teaching of Ragaia Belovarac. The course was once again sold out. If you plan on taking the July program, I would suggest signing up early.

 As both our academic and training programs are keeping us busy, so too is our Panchakarma department. Sylvia Disney and her outstanding staff are booked up through most of May. I am so very impressed with the quality of care our patients are receiving, and their stories of healing are truly inspiring. Did you know that Ayurveda can treat Insomnia, Anxiety, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Lyme’s disease, Autoimmune disorders and more?

 In order to celebrate our growth, we are going to offer our friends a 10% discount on new patient care with our staff practitioners. We are also going to provide all of you with 10% off our panchakarma and day spa treatments during the month of April. Just make your appointment this month for services that take place before June 1st and use the phrase “Dosha Discount” when setting up your appointment and our staff will apply the discount to you. So, this month, share ayurvedic health care with someone you love and show yourself some love too by experiencing Ayurvedic Spa and Panchakarma treatments.

 Happy Spring! May you see a great abundance of health and well-being this spring.

 Om Shanti,

Dr. Marc Halpern