Marma – the Original “Point” System of Healing, a Classic Ayurveda Healing Therapy

According to Ayurveda, all ailments, aches, pains, and disease of any kind occurs due to a blockage of flow to pranic energy (life force energy). There are 107 vital (energetic) points on the body that allow access to body, mind and consciousness. 

Marma points were discovered thousands of years ago in Southern India when masters of Kalaripayattu, the oldest existing form of martial art, learned the power of these energy points. In battle, Kalaripayattu fighters targeted an opponent’s marma points as a way to inflict pain and injury. Injury to marma points can lead to pain, disability or even death. Anything with that kind of power can also be used for healing purposes. Wounded Kalaripayattu fighters were nursed back to health with marma therapy, which involves massaging and applying gentle pressure to marma points. Eventually, Ayurvedic practitioners began incorporating marma therapy into their healing repertoire with powerful results. 

Each July, Dr. Halpern teaches a 7 day Marma & Pranic Healing course at CCA. Students learn how to work with the marma points utilizing massage, essential oils, and panic healing for bringing health and healing to the body and mind. These pictures are from this year’s sold out course. We are also proud to offer marma therapy in our clinic, which is open to the public.