October Full Time Class Available via Live Internet!

We realize that that for those of you unable to uproot your lives and move to Nevada City that is an exciting opportunity and we are happy to be able to support you to receive the education you desire. As a VedaWeb student in the full time class you are part of the classroom via your computer.  Classes are held Tues, Wed, Thurs, 10am-1pm (PST). The VedaWeb classroom has been designed to utilize the same features you would find in a physical classroom providing the benefit of a classroom environment from the comfort of your own home!

Course:  Level 1: Full Time Live Internet Class

Starting Date:  Oct 12, 2010 @10am (PST)

Deadline for applications Oct 4, 2010

Tuition: $4300. In-House Financing and partial scholarships available.

Please note that in order to maintain a proper student-teacher ratio, we can only allow 15 students to attend the class live via Vedaweb and as a result, qualified students will be selected on a first come, first served basis. There are a few requirements to participate.  You must:

  * Have reliable high speed internet access, a telephone with long distance access (landline, not cell phone) and a webcam.
  * Be able to create a learning environment that is undisturbed.
  * Attend the complete 3 hour program each day just as any other student would who is attending class.
  * Attend a brief training session with one of our staff prior to class.
  * Be a high school graduate.
  *  Be able to attend an in-person intensive to learn some of the hands on aspects of the course that can not be learned in the classroom.

Apply online at:

We would be pleased to have you join us in our mission to advance the future of Ayurvedic medicine.
Please contact us to learn more and start your Ayurvedic education today!