Organic India Garden Inauguration

I am very excited to announce that as a part of this year’s annual Celebration of Ayurveda ceremonies we will be holding an official inauguration for the CCA’s ‘ORGANIC INDIA Herb Garden’. It has been with the generous support of ORGANIC INDIA and local businesses that we have been able to manifest my vision for a teaching garden here at the College. Both students and the greater community will continue to benefit from its presence for years to come, as an educational forum, and a place for meditation and healing.   

 As part of the weekend’s festivities we look forward to having a moment celebrating the collaboration of our sponsor, ORGANIC INDIA, our local donors, Hills Flat Lumber and Rare Earth Landscaping, along with the laborers and the volunteers, whom together all made this project happen.  We look forward to you joining us, as we bless the abundance that will unfold from the union of these efforts!”     

   Brenda Igler, Director of Herbalism