Treating And Managing Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome With Ayurveda By Danica Kochman


I would like to express my appreciation to California College of Ayurveda, this course of study offered by Dr. Marc Halpern has been life changing and I look forward to continuing my studies so that I may serve in this field.  I would like to offer my endless love and gratitude to my dear teacher, Ryan Strong, who has guided me on the path of Ayurveda and Self Realization, he has allowed me to step forward into my own greatness and given me new eyes to see divinity in all.  I am grateful for my friends and family who support me on this journey, especially my wonderful partner and companion, Aaron Brekke.  I would like to thank my mentor, Sasha Borenstein, who has helped me tremendously through the editing process of this paper.  As I continue my life’s dharma serving others through healing I want to thank all of the sages, illuminated beings, and the Divine Light for opening this path of service and love to me.  This paper is dedicated to the scientists and shaman from yesterday, today, and tomorrow, who carry with them the torch of bravery, going forward in strength, joy, and trust, regardless of the encountered hurdles of conventional thought.

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