The Sacred Journey of the Patient and the Practitioner

The most important thing a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist can do is support their patients to successfully implement the principles of Ayurveda into their lives. These principles, when properly followed, assure that the body and mind of the patient will be balanced, peaceful, and of optimal health.

Natural law dictates that if the principles of Ayurveda are followed, healing will take place within the limits of nature and matter. This is guaranteed. The human body has a tremendous capability to heal itself, whether a person is suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Asthma, Multiple Sclerosis, or Depression. From an Ayurvedic perspective, the body and mind heal naturally and completely when the laws of nature are applied to the practice of healing.

There are times, of course, when healing is not possible. Such times, however, are comparatively few. Healing is not possible when tissue is damaged beyond repair. A line can be crossed, where even the most powerful natural measures will not bring about healing. For example, if an arm is severed, the body will not heal without surgical intervention. Likewise, many conditions in their late stages produce such severe tissue damage that the body cannot repair itself.

Ayurvedic healing supports the body to heal itself. Nature works through the body’s innate healing potential. If the body and mind are aligned with the power of nature, the body’s healing mechanisms are empowered and their full potential realized.

Miracles occur all the time. It is a miracle when the body and mind, working with nature, heals itself. These are not real miracles, however. They appear to be miracles to most people who do not understand or perceive the ways of nature. This is the Science of Natural Healing.

Our job is to help miracles occur by aligning our patients with nature. We do this through lifestyle counseling. By helping people to understand their prakruti (nature) and their vikruti (imbalance), we help them begin to see who they are and how they relate to the world around them. When we establish a plan to help bring them back into balance using the five sense therapies and daily/seasonal routines, we are educating them in what they need to do to allow the healing forces of nature to flow through them. As they make changes in their lives, they remove the obstructions that interfere with this flow.

Change comes slowly to most people. Our job is to be loving and caring guides on their journey. We hold the space for them to grow and evolve. They do the real work, as they face the demons of their harmful habits. Our job is comparatively easy. We tell them where they are and remind them of where they are going; if they get lost, we help them find their way back to the path. We have faith in the process. Our confidence carries them till they develop faith for themselves. We hold the space of non-judgment so they can feel comfortable looking their demons in the eye. We hold the space of unconditional love and it fills them up, sustaining them as they move forward on their journey.

We are all healing to some degree. We are slowly regaining our memory of our true nature as spirit. Likewise, we are all suffering, as a result of our amnesia. This is true of the healers as well as of the patients. Let us always remember what an honor it is when a patient comes to us for guidance on their journey. Let us hold the sacred space and walk forward together.