Student Blog: Ayurvedic Healing Goes Beyond the Body and Into the Subconscious by Angelica Neri and Rachel Jeffries

Due to the rise in popularity of Ayurvedic herbs, such as Ashwagandha, and lifestyle techniques, such as Yoga, many still reduce Ayurveda to a science focused on the physical body.

While Ayurveda does heal the body, its wisdom also encompasses the whole, meaning it considers the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body.

Another special quality of Ayurveda is that its intention is not to band-aid a symptom, but rather to deeply understand the human being and discover the root of the imbalance that is causing the symptoms.

To do that, we must first understand that there are three main doshas, or energy types, that describe our physical body, physiological functions, mindset, personality, etc. They are kapha, pitta, and vata. 

In understanding which dosha(s) resonates most with you, you can determine the core limiting belief that is driving your subconscious belief patterns and creating your current reality. 


How the Doshas are Connected to Deeper Limiting Beliefs


For kaphas, we commonly see the limiting belief that to be loved, “I need to put all else before myself.”.

Kaphas tend to put all their energy and time into helping others. This behavior eventually causes emotions, like resentment and guilt, to bubble up. They get so stuck in people-pleasing tendencies that they are blocked from understanding their own desires and inspiration.

However, the truth is that Kaphas operate most authentically when they are nurturing others from their own overflowing cup.


For pittas, a common limiting belief is that to be loved, “I need to achieve more.”

Pittas find themselves constantly climbing the ladder of achievements, whether that is through endless certifications, promotions, or income. This eventually burns them out, and they are left feeling unfulfilled and bitter. Their need to ‘win’ shadows their ability to enjoy life and its everyday joys and wonder.

However, the truth is that Pittas operate most effectively when they stop to smell the roses and notice the massively positive impact their visions and goals can have on others.


For vatas, the limiting belief is that to be loved, “I must lose my freedom and independence”.

Vatas love their freedom and often feel like someone or something is trying to take it from them. This belief ends up amplifying their anxiety from either excessive thinking or trying to fit in a box that is not authentic to them.

However, the truth is that we need Vatas creativity and innovation to evolve as a species, and their unique gifts should be cherished and put into action.


Notice which dosha’s limiting belief pattern resonates the most and strikes a chord within you. Just acknowledging this pattern can bring clarity to what’s holding us back and free us from having to continue to tell those same stories. With increased awareness, there is always an opportunity for increased freedom.


Blog PostAngelica Neri and Rachel Jeffries are intuitive healers who empower their clients to self-heal on the physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Together, they created SoulFull Veda to build a community where they empower their clients to recognize their own inner healer and inspire the inner healer in others.