Faculty Feature Dr. Brenda Krulikowski

Faculty Feature: Dr. Brenda Krulikowski

In the enchanting world of herbalism and Ayurveda, Dr. Brenda Krulikowski M.A.S., C.A.S., P.K.S emerges as a guiding force. As the Director of Herbalism and a distinguished faculty member at the California College of Ayurveda … More »

Faculty Feature: Dr. Laksmana Das

Faculty Feature: Dr. Laksmana Das

Dr. Laksmana Das (Lawrence Roehrig), M.A.S., P.K.S., E-R.Y.T wears many hats in the world of Ayurveda. His impressive resume speaks volumes about his dedication to the art of healing and his commitment to passing this ancient … More »

Online Education Blog

Pros & Cons of Online Ayurvedic Education

Today, more than ever, students are exploring online education as their first choice for learning the knowledge of Ayurveda. In this article, we’ll explore the pros and cons of online education in Ayurveda. What is … More »


The California College of Ayurveda Providing The Most ComprehensiveAyurvedic Education Book An Appointment with an Admissions Advisor Today! The California College of Ayurvedais a Member of the National Association of Ayurvedic Education, National Council on … More »