Basti Therapy Blog

What is Basti? A Look At Ayurvedic Enemas

A major component of Ayurveda’s Panchakarma cleanses, Basti is imperative for the purpose of clearing disease due to Vata Dosha and promoting longevity. Basti, which is an Ayurvedic enema, is a suppository that can be … More »

Chakra Basti Course

Chakra (Dough) Basti Course

  Course Overview Chakra dough bastis are powerful treatments that restore balance to the flow of prana into organs, chakras and marma points and also pacify vitiated dosha. Prepared containers are made from the flour … More »

Shanti Komala Basti

Shanti Komala Basti™

Course Overview Shanti Komala Basti™ – This 3 day, hands-on advanced ayurvedic therapy course teaches students the art and science the Rectal Basti, an essential part of the Panchakarma process. Oil Basti (anuvasana basti) nourishes … More »