Ayurveda and Spices: Coriander

 Coriander is a delicious spice with many healing benefits. It makes a great household remedy for pitta disorders, in particular those which affect the digestive or urinary systems. Those with a pitta nature or imbalance … More »

Ayurveda and Spices: Cinnamon

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Ayurveda and Spices: Cardamom

Cardamom: Exotic, aromatic, and absolutely delicious. And yet many in the west have never tasted this wonderful spice. If that’s the case with you, you’re missing out!   Cardamom is delicious in baked goods, oatmeal, … More »

Ayurveda and Spices: The Amazing Turmeric

 Are you including turmeric in your daily diet? If not, you certainly should be! Turmeric has a long list of health benefits. It targets all tissues and many bodily systems including the digestive, circulatory, respiratory … More »