Tantra Yoga Sadhana

Course Summary:  

The course is led by Didi Ananda Lalita, an Acharya (spiritual teacher) in the Ananda Marga tradition, and two guest speakers.  This seven week course will take the student on a journey toward Self discovery. 

Students will explore the history of Tantra, its influence on the world religions, and the teachings of Shri Shri Anandamurti while delving deeply into subjects such as ethics, dharma (life purpose), spiritual life style and spiritual activism. This course is not only theoretical but practical as students will learn a revived, once ancient, tantric practices including mantra meditation. 

In each class, there will be Kirtan (spiritual chanting) and meditation.  It helps to relieve stress, expand one’s heart & mind, and enhance inner peace, joy and love.

Didi Ananda Lalita – Spiritual teacher
Originally from Taiwan, Didi has been a Sanyasini of Ananda Marga for 30 years. Ananda Marga (Sanskrit for “The Path of Bliss”), founded by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, is dedicated to Self- Realization & Service to humanity.
While pursuing Enlightenment as the highest human treasure, Didi is dedicated to a life of Service and to sharing the beauty and wisdom of spiritual life. She also engages in education and the development of eco-spiritual projects in different countries.

Week 1/ Oct. 25, 2012 – The life and teaching of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, a Tantric Guru of the 20th century.

The background and brief life history of Anandamurti, the uniqueness of His teaching and contribution to the world.   The spiritual lineage of Ananda Marga and how the mission Anandamurti founded has evolved over the decades.

Week 2/ Nov. 1 – The History of Tantra 

Tantra’s influence is found in many spiritual traditions, including Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Taoism and modern yoga.  We will explore what Tantra is, its origin, its relation with yoga and common misconception…..etc.

Week 3/ Nov. 8 – The Yantra of Ethics

Human body and mind is a divine Yantra.  Understand the essence of Yogic Ethical principles, why they are important foundation for spiritual progress, and how these principles impact each individual and the society in a very profound way.

Week 4/ Nov. 15 – Close your Eyes, Open your mind

Guest speaker: Dada Nabhaniilananda.

An introduction to yoga meditation—a doorway to inner peace and enlightenment. 

This is the key practice in Tantra, using mantra to help us focus and shift our state of Consciousness to a higher level.

Dada Nabhaniilananda – Spiritual Teacher, Author & Musician
Originally from New Zealand, Dada (Male monk, brother) has been practicing and teaching yoga and meditation since 1975. He studied the philosophy and practices in Ashrams in Nepal and India where in 1979 he was ordained as a monk. His unique talents as a teacher and musician have brought him 7 international song writing awards and invitations from all over the world. Dada’s warm and humorous style and subtle charisma have inspired many of his students to have a deeper understanding of themselves.

Week 5/ Nov. 29 – Bhagavad Dharma

Dharma is the true nature of human beings that carries us forward to our ultimate destiny. Bhagavad Dharma has four different aspects that need to be balanced with the instinct side of human nature.  Tantra teaches a middle path where both sides of our nature find proper expression.  We each have a unique way of expressing our Dharma.   Discover your own Dharma. 

Week 6/ Dec. 6- Spiritual Activism  

Guest Speaker: Abraham Heisler (Ana’di)

An overview of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti’s vision of how everyone in the world can live in harmony in a dignified way.   Karma Yoga means love in action, or service to relieve suffering.  As the practice of Tantra yoga unfolds, one identifies himself/herself with all things, environment, plants, animals and humans.  Suffering inflicted on anyone becomes felt by the yogi or spiritual aspirant.  The sacred activist does everything within her/his power to mitigate suffering in the world.

Abraham Heisler (Ana’di) is a filmmaker, Hip-Hop artist, and yoga/meditation teacher.  
He has been practicing Ananda Marga Tantra yoga for over 13 years. In that time he has worked on various social projects all around the world from Central America to Asia. More recently, Ana’di has been actively involved with the Occupy Wall Street movement, which seeks to engage U.S. citizens in meaningful dialogue about wealth inequality and the creation of a more economically just society.

Week 7 / Dec. 13- Spiritual Life Style and Daily Practice

Tantra values practice over theory. By applying Tantric principles in daily life, we can begin the life-long transformation of our physical, mental and spiritual health.

Fees & Registration:  $175.00 (or $145.00 if registered by October 2nd)

Call 530-478-9100 ext. 223 to register or register online
Severe financial hardship may apply to attend on a donation basis.


California College of Ayurveda
700 Zion Street
Nevada City, CA  95959
In the Lotus Room

Time: Thursday, 7-9pm:

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