The Way of Success? Vata Style!

There are many roads to success. One of those is the path of inspiration. The inspired individual is one who draws inspiration from above and brings it down through their crown chakra into their heart where it gestates till ready to emerge through the organs of action and take form in the world.

Left unobstructed, success is guaranteed and the creation is one of divine beauty. Through the unencumbered mind, the divine river flows effortlessly. Action is guided by a higher power and the actor is its tool.

Inspiration is a fragile moment for many. A glimpse of the divine is often fleeting, as allowing it to flow continuously can be too much for many. For most, the wind of mind causes ripples in the stillness that distorts the perception of divine intention. This creates doubts, fear and subsequent overwhelm.

Do not doubt the moment. The moment of genuine inspiration will leave an imprint upon your consciousness. Within the ripples of confusion, the imprint remains like an echo. Move forward and jump in the water. Let go and allow the divine flow to carry you off. But how will you swim? That, you can figure out later. You may not have to. The river will carry you to where you need to be. All you need is to surrender and trust in the divine. As its waters flow over and around you, comfort will replace fear as you are lifted up and over the rocks. And should you drown, you will do so with a smile radiating from your heart and you will be reborn anew for we never really were.

With true inspiration, there is no real choice. We are drawn to the river. The next step is to jump in with joy!