What Is It Like To See An Ayurvedic Practitioner?

Wondering what it is like to see an Ayurvedic practitioner? If you find yourself asking this question, you may have come to a place in life where things might not be sitting quite right. Whether your symptoms are mild or severe, long-term or short-term. Working with an Ayurvedic practitioner will look different for everyone since the Ayurvedic Practitioner fine-tunes a program to meet your specific needs.

Ayurvedic Consultations At CCA

At CCA, the first consultation is 2-hours long. This appointment is really a conversation between you and your practitioner in an open space to share your mental, physical, and spiritual health concerns. 

Services offered in the initial consultation:

  • Whole health history overview
  • Facial and physical analysis of doshic constitution. 
  • Tongue analysis
  • Pulse analysis 
  • Abdominal Exam
  • Blood pressure check

Your practitioner will ask you a series of questions throughout the initial consultation that will help them determine your base constitution (Prakruiti) and your current state (Vikruti). When your practitioner looks at your tongue and takes your pulse these analyses give an indication of your prakruti and vikruiti as well. The abdominal exam is a series of light-deeper pressure techniques to help your practitioner determine your intestinal health. Please let your practitioner know beforehand if you have any areas of sensitivity. 

Depending on your Practitioner’s availability your practitioner will schedule your second visit about a week later. This visit is called the Report of Findings and you will be given a full overview of your treatment plan during this visit. You will also be given a list of appropriate custom or pre-formulated herbal formulations best suited for your concerns as well as recommendations of appropriate Ayurvedic body therapies from our spa based on your specific needs.

The Practitioners role is to give you a full scope of options available to address your chief concerns. 

It is recommended that patients continue visiting with their practitioner for 4 -6 weekly visits post Report of findings to gain the most out of their experience. This timeline may be modified and would be discussed on a case-by-case basis with your practitioner.  

Follow Up Appointments

Follow-up visits are about 45 min to an hour long and will consist of reviewing your current symptoms, giving you an opportunity to share anything that has come up over the past week and checking in on recommendations. Your practitioner will either modify previous recommendations or give you new recommendations. All practitioners have a unique way of practicing so the structure of follow-up appointments may vary from practitioner to practitioner. 

Services offered at Follow – up

  • Pulse Analysis  
  • Tongue analysis 
  • Symptom Overview
  • Recommendation Overview
  • New recommendations

New recommendations will consist of a variety of Ayurvedic practices ranging from yoga asanas specific to your dosha or recommendations on how you’re eating your food to promote better assimilation. 


For more information on how a practitioner could support your specific health concerns schedule a FREE 15-minute phone consultation with one of our practitioners.