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Yoga Nidra CD Published by Recognized Ayurvedic Expert, Dr. Marc Halpern from the California College of Ayurveda

Dr. Halpern’s unique approach to Yoga Nidra allows the individual to explore the subtle flow of life energy in the body and learn to release blockages to that flow.

   Yoga Nidra means yogic sleep. It is a state of deep conscious relaxation and is a form of turning inward of awareness. It is considered to be an active or preliminary form of meditation through many of the benefits of meditation are also realized through this state of consciousness.
The California College of Ayurveda has recently published the Yoga Nidra recording. The first track on the disc is a beautiful introduction to the art of Yoga Nidra as Dr. Halpern briefly explores the history, physiology and practice of this important meditation and healing art. He also explores his own journey of utilizing Yoga Nidra for his own healing. The second track explains how to prepare yourself for the practice. The third track is the actual guided 40-45 minute practice.

   Dr. Marc Halpern has been teaching and practicing Yoga Nidra since 1987. He utilized this technique as a part of his personal healing journey from a life threatening autoimmune disease that crippled his body with arthritis and left him with severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. In 1990 Dr. Halpern began to teach Yoga Nidra to his patients under the name “Self Healing Meditation”. Today Dr. Halpern teaches Yoga Nidra in private sessions to his patients as well as in larger groups. He also certifies teachers to teach Yoga Nidra and has conducted workshops and training sessions internationally.

   The California College of Ayurveda offers Ayurvedic Education in the United States, in its headquarters in Nevada City, California. Yoga Nidra Certification Course is available Fall, 2012. The programs are also offered in Ayurveda España, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina. Enrollment is now open for all workshops offered by the school. For more details please visit or call 530 478 9100.