Panchakarma Therapies


A panchakarma treatment is comprised of an individually determined combination of the following traditional therapies. Most sessions primarily include abhyanga (Ayurvedic massage), shirodhara, and/or swedana, which together comprise a Bliss Therapy. An Ayurvedic consultation is required for longer programs that contain other treatments.


Bliss Therapy

This 2.5 hour therapy is a combination of abhyanga, shirodhara, and swedana that takes the mind, body, and spirit on an inner journey of relaxation and mental purification. Each therapy includes meditation and rest. By creating deep relaxation, promoting energy flow, and purifying the body/mind, Ayurvedic Bliss Therapy encourages a deep remembering of well-being and peace that supports the healing process and connection to Spirit. The  Bliss Therapy can be done without an Ayurvedic consultation.
Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Massage)
A one or two-person choreographed warm full body herbal oil massage that is designed to bring nourishment to the tissues, deep relaxation to the muscles and calmness to the mind. Because each body type is unique, the oil combinations are blended with specific herbs or essential oils to meet your special needs. This treatment is good for: muscle tension, chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, depression, fibromylagia, parkensons disease, stress, detoxification.
Shirodhara is a simple, yet profound treatment that works specifically on balancing and stabilizing the activity of the mind. Warm, dosha-specific oils and herbs are beautifully streamed over the Ajna Chakra or third eye taking the participant on a journey deep within. This treatment is good for: mental and emotional balance, disorders of the nervous system.
Follow your warm oil massage with an exquisite herbal steam treatment that will leave you feeling clear, rejuvenated and deeply moisturized. Medicinal herbs like Lavender, Chamomile, Bay Leaf, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Lemongrass help to clear the channels, relax the muscles and nurture the senses. The treatment is good for detoxification.

Marma Point Massage Using the 107 energy points on the body, this massage brings balance to specific doshas and works on specific conditions. Practitioners work with pranic energy and the points are massaged with essential oils. This treatment is good for: mental and emotional balance, nervous system, pain in the body, paralysis, cancer.
Nasya This treatment begins with a facial massage and specific heat therapies for the forehead and face. It is followed by nasal administration of specific herbal oils to clean and purify the sinuses. Nasya is used classically for allergies, snoring, sinusitis, tinnitus, sleep apnea and headaches. It is a valuable aid for increasing mental focus.
Garshana A two-person, exfoliating massage, done with silk or wool gloves, Garshana rids the skin of dead cells and stimulates lymphatic circulation creating lustrous and soft, vibrant skin. This treatment often precedes abhyanga.
Dough Basti An ancient treatment for specific areas of the body utilizing a raised circle of dough that contains medicated herbal oils within its center. Each preparation is unique for each person and each condition.

Anuvasana Basti

A medicated oil enema used for the treatment of tonifying the colon and the nervous system. It is one of the main therapies of panchakarma used to remove excess vata in the body.

Niruha Basti

A medicated herbal tea decoction enema used for the treatment of removing ama (toxins) from the colon and body.

Pinda Swedana

An ancient treatment using bolus's made of rice and nourishing herbal decoctions to treat neuromuscular disorders and disorders of the skeletal system.


“The treatments were relaxing and rejuvenating. I feel cleansed from the inside-out." 
– Ken Sentistivon

      "Excellent, all the meals were served with care and love. The environment was relaxing and soothing. Great attention to detail and all           our needs."
      – Lance Roehrig