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Classical Yoga Nidra™ Representative Program


Classical Yoga Nidra™ Representative Program

This is a 5 day training program designed to certify teachers to represent the California College of Ayurveda (CCA) and present Yoga Nidra Teacher Certification Courses (YN-TCC) that have been developed by Dr. Marc Halpern. Participants who complete this course along with the following additional requirements will be certified by CCA as a Classical Yoga Nidra™ Representative (CYNR).


Completion of the Yoga Nidra Teacher Certification Course (YN-TCC).

Additional Requirements:

  • Assist in at least one Yoga Nidra TCC
  • Conduct at least 20 Yoga Nidra Classes

Participants who meet these requirements will also sign an official agreement to represent CCA and the YN-TCC program. The terms of that agreement are within the agreement.

Key Highlights of the Agreement:

  • CCA owns all materials used in the program.
  • Materials can only be used for YN-TCC courses
  • CYNR must attend a meeting of CYNR representatives on line 2X per year.
  • CYNR must conduct at least one CYNR per year to keep their Representative Status.
  • CYNR must set up their own programs
  • CYNR returns 20% of course fees to CCA when programs are hosted by themselves.
  • CYNR returns 10% of course fees when required to provide the program host with at least 40% of fees
  • Course Fees are established by CCA.
  • CCA provides a certificate to each student within 30 days of completion.

Course Dates: Aug 22-26, 2018


Tuition for the Classical Yoga Nidra™ Representative Program will normally be: $995.00*
Price: $995.00

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