Community Partners & Spa Testimonials


“Studying Ayurveda has been one of the best things I have done in my life. Though I use my education from CCA professionally, it would have been well worth it for my own health, longevity, and growth.”

“The C.A.S. program was the beginning of a transformation of consciousness. CCA offers the wisdom of a divine science to those wishing enrichment and understanding of the new paradigm of health emerging today.”

“Every day in my Ayurvedic practice I am so very grateful and inspired by this wonderfully inclusive science and for the depth of training I received from the California College of Ayurveda. My training has given me the opportunity to see the world in a new way and to help people recreate balance and harmony in their lives.”

“My education at CCA was outstanding. CCA’s complete instruction in Ayurveda enabled me to establish a successful clinical practice.”

“I was ready for a major change in my life. The study of Ayurveda has turned out to be a profoundly transformative process. I am studying and experiencing healing, joy, and connectedness on amazingly deep levels.”

“I chose CCA for two reasons. Their monthly classes allowed me to keep working while learning Ayurveda, and the hands-on training I received in the Pancha Karma Clinic, the Herb Lab, and the many workshops and seminars gave me personal insight into what my future clients will experience as they adopt an Ayurvedic lifestyle.”
“At CCA I gained access to the world of knowledge I was searching for: Ayurveda. I emerged as a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, competent in my dharma as an ayurvedic practitioner and lifelong student of Ayurveda.”

“Academically challenging, CCA’s curriculum provides both a strong foundation for a future professional practice and an opportunity to get in touch with our own self healing abilities as we develop a healing relationship to Ayurveda in our lives.”

“I am blown away at how much I have learned.. I am so grateful for the whole school. I could not have imagined a better education. Moving into the internship I am both nervous and excited. With my whole heart I thank you.”

Sincerely, Ryan Strong

“We were amazed at the depth and efficiency of Dr. Halpern; he is a brilliant, gifted, and hard working teacher. We got so much in so little time. What a blessing.”
S.& S.C.

“After moving to the United States, my thirty five years of Ayurvedic practice in India would have gone to waste if I had not done the C.A.S. program. Ayurveda has made my life purposeful.”

“Primarily, CCA allowed me to attend school and still work. Having reviewed other texts and compared with CCA workbooks and required reading, I believe CCA covered the basic understanding of Ayurveda without overwhelming the student. My PK training is very much appreciated and I feel totally qualified to practice my skills.”

“Ayurveda is the medicine of nature. It taught me how to care for the body, mind, and spirit. Through diet, herbs, and lifestyle choices, it brings you to health and higher yogic awareness. It is a divine blessing to mankind. The language of nature is a simple universal truth; close your eyes and hear its divine song.”

“Wonderful and inspiring teachers.  Well organized material and lessons.  I feel as though I received a very high quality and thorough Ayurvedic education.  I feel confident that I am prepared to practice. 

The internship brought it all together.”

“All of my teachers have been Ayurvedic Inspirations.  And Dr. Halpern’s text was concise, detailed and easy for a western-trained student to use.” 

“The first day I could see that it was going to be a great week, because it was so well organized.  I considered traveling [out of state] to take the training from [another teacher], but decided to support CCA because I really believe the school delivers what is promised.  I’m never disappointed and always inspired.” 

“The internship was the most important part for me.  It was the part that tied theory to practice. 

Each of the teachers had knowledge and experience and offered us a unique perspective in the classroom.  Their ability to translate the world into the terms of Ayurveda was amazing and has helped me internalize the concepts.” 

“My experience with the CCA has not only provided me with a solid foundation upon which my Ayurvedic career flourishes, but has also catalyzed deep healing and growth on a personal level.  I appreciate that the teachers at the CCA are inspiring, and the entire staff committed the success of their students.”
B. I.

“I have enjoyed my time at CCA so much.  I feel I have transformed some of my old habits by learning about their roots, I have connected with a group of like minded and spirited people, and I am loving everything I’m learning!  Ayurvedic theory is so simple, but when applied to the myriad imbalances people have, as they manifest differently in everyone, it becomes very complicated.  And it all works, if we apply the principles!  I am so grateful for my time here, not to mention the fantastic staff who contribute to the smooth running of the school.”

“The California College of Ayurveda has shown me a path to healing myself and the world at large. I am excited and forever grateful for all that I have learned and all the places this knowledge will take me.”