Ayurvedic Facials

Professional Training

“This was my favorite program. I really enjoyed it.”
~ Monica Yearwood

Revitalize the Skin to its Natural Beauty!

Ayurvedic facials are deeply relaxing and restore the balance of the doshas in facial skin. Learn to apply these very popular spa therapy techniques to return natural beauty to yourself and your clients.

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Facials - Nitya Teaching

This training will prepare you to
practice these techniques in a professional setting.


Ayurvedic Facials
Professional Training

During this 4 day hands-on program, students will learn the beautiful and relaxing art of providing Ayurvedic facials. Students work in groups of two, giving and receiving facials while learning a multi-part procedure that includes the application of oils, heat and massage to the face followed by the application of skin care therapy. Come join us to both learn and receive Ayurvedic Facials!

Training Focuses

Application of Ayurvedic Facial Oils

Application of Heat to the Face

Facial Massage

Soleil Shea | CAS Graduate

Creating Facial Masks

Facial Marma Points

Skin Care Therapy

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Facials - Nitya Teaching

Ayurvedic Facials Training Registration

~ Nitya Beaulieu ~

Nitya Beaulieu

Nitya’s journey with ayurvedic medicine is guided by a commitment to detoxification and the clearing of the body’s channels to promote wellness.  As a CCA Alumni, Nitya,  continues to work closely with CCA teaching panchakarma therapies and training spa staff.

Facials Workshop Testimonials


Very inspiring. I learned more than I expected!

Jesse Holland

My Favorite

This was my favorite program. I really enjoyed it.

Monica Yearwood

Enjoyed It

I enjoyed the program very much.

Daniela Bayer

Very Good

Don’t change anything, the quality was very good.

Florence Ramos


This class was very exciting and uplifting.

Michelle Bluette


It was a profound experience.

Zsuzsanna Rosseter


The class was fun with a lot of information about skin care.

Carmina Pinto

Loved It

I loved this class.

Rebekka Fo

Never So Soft

My skin has never been so soft.

Kara Lukowski

I Loved It

I loved it. Combining the facials with marma was very good.

Vidya Ventekesh


A wonderful presentation from the heart.

Nayla Lewis