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Ayurvedic medicine is growing throughout the country and the world as more people seek natural solutions for disease prevention and the management of chronic health conditions. For thousands of years, Ayurveda has cultivated a body of knowledge that is desperately needed in today’s society. Where there is harmony, there is health. Where there is disharmony, there is disease. Ayurveda is the path back to harmony. Ayurvedic Health Professionals work with diet, herbs, lifestyle and yoga therapy to maximize the potential of the body to heal itself.

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A recipient of the Principles of Ayurvedic Medicine Certificate has a strong foundation of the practice of Ayurvedic medicine and has the knowledge and tools necessary to continue building an Ayurvedic career. They have received both theoretical and practical knowledge, learning the principles of Ayurveda while applying them to their own life. They can continue their education into one of our three practitioner certification programs.

Ayurvedic Health Counselor Program

Start With a Solid Foundation in Ayurvedic Theory & Preventative Medicine

An Ayurvedic Health Counselors (AHC) are specialists in disease prevention and health promotion. They are trained for a scope of practice that focuses on lifestyle transformation, and the promotion of health and wellness. An Ayurvedic Health Counselor focuses on preventative medicine and they are trained to provide individual counseling and guidance sessions.

Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist Program

Continue Your Studies Learning Clinical Theory & Skills

Becoming a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist (CAS) is the next step in Ayurvedic practice. This intermediate program includes the study of the classical ayurvedic understanding of disease within each system of the body as well as an overview of the Western understanding. At this level, you will gain extensive knowledge of panchakarma and herbal medicine, including herbal formula design, and how to treat existing mild, moderate, or serious diseases. During your internship, you will apply this knowledge while working with patients by guiding them through ayurvedic treatment and designing herbal formulations.

Medical Ayurvedic Specialist Program

The Highest Level of Clinical Training Available

Medical Ayurvedic Specialist (MAS) is an Ayurvedic Practitioner with the most advanced training. They have the greatest depth of Ayurvedic education in the United States and are best prepared to integrate into the Western Healthcare community. During this advanced program, you will be attending classes and seeing patients. Upon completion of this program, you will have the ability to act as a bridge between the two health care sciences.

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Multiple Learning Options

CCA recognizes that not everyone has the ability to attend our program on-site full time. That’s why we offer a variety of educational formats leading to certification to best suit your needs and learning styles: short courses, weekend programs, distance education and live internet classes. Discover which format will work best for you

What Our Students Say


Every day in my Ayurvedic practice I am so very grateful and inspired by this wonderfully inclusive science and for the depth of training I received from the California College of Ayurveda. My training has given me the opportunity to see the world in a new way and to help people recreate balance and harmony in their lives.


So Grateful

I am blown away at how much I have learned. I am so grateful for the whole school. I could not have imagined a better education. Moving into the internship I am both nervous and excited. With my whole heart I thank you.

Ryan Strong


I was ready for a major change in my life. The study of Ayurveda has turned out to be a profoundly transformative process. I am studying and experiencing healing, joy, and connectedness on amazingly deep levels.


Life Changing

Being a student at CCA was completely life changing for me. The education I received changed how I view the world and how I live my life. From the beautiful setting/community in which the college is set, to the wonderful instructors, my experience at CCA was more than I could have ever expected. I chose the college for the comprehensiveness of the program, and was not disappointed. My AHP internship really solidified my knowledge of the material, and I feel well equipped to continue into sharing my knowledge with others.

Brianne LaFriniere

Personal Insight

I chose CCA for two reasons. Their monthly classes allowed me to keep working while learning Ayurveda, and the hands-on training I received in the Pancha Karma Clinic, the Herb Lab, and the many workshops and seminars gave me personal insight into what my future clients will experience as they adopt an Ayurvedic lifestyle.


Dream Come True

I am incredibly grateful and blessed by the teachers and staff at CCA. Their knowledge, wisdom, support and guidance has been life changing and instrumental in my decision to become an Ayurvedic practitioner. Moving to Nevada City to attend CCA and pursue my passion has been a dream come true – thank you!

Shannon Jaycox

A Solid Foundation

My experience with the CCA has not only provided me with a solid foundation upon which my Ayurvedic career flourishes, but has also catalyzed deep healing and growth on a personal level. I appreciate that the teachers at the CCA are inspiring, and the entire staff committed the success of their students.

B. I.

Wisdom of a Divine Science

The C.A.S. program was the beginning of a transformation of consciousness. CCA offers the wisdom of a divine science to those wishing enrichment and understanding of the new paradigm of health emerging today.


Admissions and Enrollment

The California College of Ayurveda accepts a limited number of students into each of its classroom programs. Applications are accepted throughout the year. Admission is based on the order of applications received from qualified candidates. Students who are applying to distance programs have an opportunity to start on the 1st and 15th of any month.

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