Ayurvedic Health Counselor Internship (AHCi)

Preventative Medicine Internship


The Ayurvedic Health Counselor Internship (AHCi) is the best way to learn how to bring your knowledge to the world around you. During this six-month program, you’ll gain real world experience seeing patients, learning counseling techniques, speaking publicly, and educating your community.

Scope of Practice: During this internship, the student is trained for a scope of practice that focuses on preventative medicine, lifestyle transformation, and the promotion of health and wellness. Students will put into practice the theory they studied in the Principles of Ayurvedic Medicine (PAM) program. They will evaluate their client’s imbalances and make recommendations for lifestyle improvements that serve the clients in preventing disease.

Classes and Curriculum

Interns begin the internship with an intensive to gain the skills necessary to be successful in the course. Additional weekend classes take place throughout the internship program on a monthly basis. These weekend classes can be attended live over the internet.

Online Intensive

This is a 7-day intensive that includes the following curriculum:

  • Introduction to Internship: This one-day class introduces the basic rules and etiquette of internship.
  • Community-Based Education Class: During this 3.5 day class students will learn how to provide a six-week community-based course based on Dr. Halpern’s book: Healing Your Life, Lessons on the Path of Ayurveda.
  • Internship Preparation Class: During this 3.5-day class, students will learn how to complete proper documentation when performing consultations and evaluations. Students will also begin to explore how to set up a counseling practice.

Classes During Internship

Each module consists of two days of classes.

  • Module 1: Teaching Diet, Healthy Eating Guidelines, and Food Combining to Patients
  • Module 2: Ayurvedic Counseling Skills
  • Module 3: Practice Management 1: Writing a business and marketing plan
  • Module 4: Teaching Lifestyle and Sensory Therapies to Patients
  • Module 5: Case Presentations

Learning Formats

  • On Site: Students may perform their internship at CCA’s patient clinic.
  • Off Site: Students may perform their internship in their own communities through our Field Internship Program.


AHCi Interns do not receive stipends from the College during their internship. A fee of $40 per initial visit and $40 per follow up visit with each patient will be remitted to CCA.

Patient Visit Requirements

Students are required to complete a minimum of 60 patient visit consultations.

Prerequisites / Co-requisites

Principles of Ayurvedic Medicine (PAM)

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