Clinical Ayurvedic Medicine (CAM)

Clinical Theory and Skills

The Clinical Ayurvedic Medicine Course (formerly Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist 1 / CAS1) includes the study of the classical ayurvedic understanding of disease within each system of the body as well as an overview of the western understanding. Through in-depth studies in each module, students are taken on a clinical journey of understanding how to manage disease. At this level students receive additional extensive knowledge of panchakarma and herbal medicine including extensive herbal formula design. These students will be able to design herbal formulas that are specific to a client’s dosha in conjunction with the client’s specific state of disease.

Please note that this program is academic only. This course is part of the Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist and Ayurvedic Doctor programs.

Classes and Curriculum

The following modules are completed in the Clinical Ayurvedic Medicine program.

  • Module 1: Advanced Herbalism
  • Module 2: Advanced Ayurvedic Pathology
  • Module 3: Panchakarma Theory
  • Module 4: Diseases and Ayurvedic Management of the Digestive System 1
  • Module 5: Diseases and Ayurvedic Management of the Digestive System 2
  • Module 6: Diseases and Ayurvedic Management of the Respiratory System
  • Module 7: Diseases and Ayurvedic Management of the Urinary System
  • Module 8: Diseases and Ayurvedic Management of the Cardiovascular System
  • Module 9: Women’s Health and Ayurveda 1: Pregnancy, Delivery, and Introduction to Pediatrics
  • Module 10: Women’s Health and Ayurveda 2: Diseases of the Female Reproductive System
  • Module 11: Diseases and Ayurvedic Management of the Nervous System
  • Module 12: Chronic Diseases and the Ayurvedic Management of the Endocrine, Immune, and Musculoskeletal Systems
  • Module 13: Ayurvedic Dermatology: The management of conditions of the skin.
  • Module 14: Ayurvedic EENT: The management of the conditions of the ears, eyes, nose and throat. Research paper on an approved ayurvedic topic.

Course Dates

Full Time Fall – CAM 8/2/2022 – 4/18/2023
Full Time Spring – CAM Spring 2023
Weekend – CAM Spring 2023


  • Students must be enrolled in our Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist or Ayurvedic Doctor programs
  • Students must first complete the Principles of Ayurvedic Medicine (PAM)
  • 3 credit hours/units in Anatomy & Physiology from an accredited program


This program is offered at our Nevada City, California campus and is also broadcast live over the internet for viewing anywhere in the world. This program may also be completed through our Distance Learning / Mentorship Program.


Students may attend this course in the classroom full-time or weekends, live over the internet, or complete the program through distance learning.

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* Payment Options and Scholarships are available. Inquire with your Admissions Advisor for details.

Audio Overview of the CAM Program

Dr. Halpern discusses the Clinical Ayurvedic Medicine (CAM) program and answers questions about it in this recording of a recent live teleseminar with prospective students.

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