Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist Internship (CASi)

Clinical Medicine Internship

Scope of Training:

The intern is trained for a scope of practice that focuses on Clinical Ayurvedic Medicine and disease management. Interns will utilize the tools of Ayurveda to support the healing process including panchakarma and herbal formulas. Interns in this program are taught to design panchakarma programs and herbal formulas specific to the needs of their patients.

Classes and Curriculum

Classes and Curriculum: This course begins with an intensive that is part online and part in-person. Following the intensive there are additional clinical management classes as described below.

Online Intensive Classes

This is a 5-day intensive covering the following curriculum:

Introduction: This one-day class introduces the basic rules and etiquette of internship.
Documentation & Consultation: This one-and-a-half-day class trains students in performing a clinical evaluation and professional documentation.
Online Diagnostics: This two-day class begins training students in taking blood pressure, performing an abdominal exam, and taking the elemental pulse.
Herbal Formulation Review: This half-day class provides students with a deep review of all concepts related to creating herbal formulations

In-Person Intensive

This is a 7.5-day intensive that covers the following curriculum:

Diagnostics: Students will practice how to perform abdominal exams and take blood pressures.
Pulse Diagnosis: Students will advance their pulse diagnosis skills learning to perceive the elemental pulses and begin their exploration of the intuitive pulse.
Making Herbal Medicines Workshop: Student will work in a laboratory setting and learn to prepare a wide variety of herbal preparations including churna, salves, and medicated oils.

Classes During Internship

During your internship you will attend nine 3-hour case studies allowing for check-in, questions, and case presentations. In addition, there are special classes in the following subject matter:

• Panchakarma Case Management (6 hours)
• Cancer Management (12 hours)
• Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (6 hours)
• Yoga of Success (6 hours)

The total hours involved in classes during your internship is 60 hours.

Key Course Features:

Case Presentations: During each clinical module, interns present real cases to their classmates. A discussion of the case is facilitated by our faculty. Interns and faculty provide input into case management to enhance the learning experience of the intern.

Advanced Study: Interns will study the Management of Cancer and the Management of Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder. Interns will also explore the principles of becoming successful in practice after graduation.

Advanced Herbal Medicine Training:
This exceptional course was developed by the California College of Ayurveda to help assure that the graduate is capable and competent to go into practice. All interns design complex herbal formulations. Interns working onsite prepare all herbal formulations under the direction of the Director of the Herb Department. The formulas designed by off-site interns are prepared by our staff in our herbal dispensary. All Interns will perform additional herbal projects to meet the requirements of the course.

Interns must complete a minimum of 60 one on one patient visits. Interns are also required to complete 5 public talks or promotional programs in their communities during the internship. Interns are responsible for attracting the patients and/or audience needed to complete these requirements.

Final Exam: Students in the Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist internship must pass an examination upon completion of the course to graduate. The exam is comprehensive of the curriculum taught during the internship. A passing grade is 75%.

Students may choose to do their internships in the college’s community clinic or may perform their internships off site in their own communities through our Field Internship Program.

Field Internships:

Students can choose to conduct their internship on campus at CCA or in the field in their own communities. Each field intern is supervised by a field intern supervisor who oversees individual cases, monitors progress, and assures completion of all required hours and reporting. Case discussions and reviews are scheduled in person or by video/ telephone. Field interns will perform several projects working with herbs to complete the internship’s herbal preparation training which onsite interns perform by working in the herb department on campus. Field interns may incur additional expenses for postage, phone calls, faxes, herb shipping, etc.

Time Commitment: Interns are expected to make the time necessary to complete their course in a timely manner. This is an internship and therefore requires time and focus. This requires work to be completed during the workweek.

Extensions: Students who cannot complete their course within the required six-month period may apply for up to two three month extensions for a fee of $400 each. (Additional extensions may be considered after a meeting with Academics) For more information about the expectations of internship, please see the internship disclosure form available from the College and included in C.A.S.-Part 2 course enrollment materials.

Stipends: The CAS internship is considered advanced practitioner training. As such, onsite interns receive a stipend of $50.00 for each required one-on-one visit during their internship. Interns who complete their entire internship successfully will have earned a total of at least $3,000.00. Off-site interns can receive the equivalent or greater inpatient fees after remitting the required minimum fee to the school for each one-on-one visit. A fee of $45 per initial visit and $25 per follow up visit with each patient will be returned to CCA.

See our catalog for more information.

Patient Visit Requirements:

Students are required to complete a minimum of 60 patient visit consultations.

CASi Hours: 757


Note: Students must also have completed a minimum of 3 credit units of college level Western Anatomy & Physiology prior to graduation.

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