Medical Ayurvedic Specialist Certificate Program

Ayurvedic Doctor Program Overview

A Medical Ayurvedic Specialist (MAS) is an Ayurvedic Practitioner with the most advanced training. They have the greatest depth of Ayurvedic education in the United States and are best prepared to integrate into the Western Healthcare community. During this advanced program, you will be attending classes and seeing patients. Upon completion of this program, you will have the ability to act as a bridge between the two health care sciences.

Special Notice Regarding Ayurvedic Doctor Training:

In 2022, the California College of Ayurveda was notified by the Bureau of Private Post-Secondary Education that the State of California would no longer approve or re-approve an Ayurvedic Doctor training programs. For this reason, the program title was changed to Medical Ayurvedic Specialist. For more information regarding Ayurvedic Doctor education in the United States, please see this article.

 Classes and Curriculum:

The Medical Ayurvedic Specialist Internship Course begins with a curriculum taught over 9-days which can be attended live online or in the classroom. This is followed by a 3-day class on-campus. Classes continue throughout the internship as described below. Case Studies and special topic seminars are integrated into the weekly classes.


Live Online or On-Campus Course Subjects.

Laboratory Diagnosis & Special Testing: Students will learn the value of a wide variety of laboratory diagnostic tests and how to interpret them from an Ayurvedic perspective. This includes blood tests, urine tests, and other special tests.
Pediatrics: Students will study the physical and emotional development of the child as well as the common diseases that affect children prior to puberty.
Geriatrics: Students will study the physical and emotional evolution of the aged patient beginning at the age of 60 as well as the common diseases that affect the geriatric population.
Introduction to Surgery: Students will gain a historical perspective on the use of surgery in Ayurvedic Medicine.
Toxicology: This class will survey common environmental toxins and explore the traditional ayurvedic remedies. Research Methodology: This is the study of research design and how to read and interpret research with a critical eye.
Documentation: Students will review paperwork requirements needed to document consultations during the course.

On-Campus Intensive:

3-days must be attended on campus in Nevada City, CA. Advanced Pulse Diagnosis: Guruvadi Gunas, Intuitive Pulse and Community Quick Pulse Assessment: This course takes the student’s ability to perform pulse diagnosis to a deeper level and includes a community-based pulse camp where students will get to take the pulses of community members in rapid succession.


Interns must complete a minimum of 125 one on one patient visits. Interns are responsible for attracting the patients needed to complete their course.

Final Exam:

Students in the Medical Ayurvedic Specialist Internship course must pass a comprehensive clinical examination upon completion of the course in order to graduate. A passing grade is 75%.

Field Internships:

Students can choose to conduct their internship on campus at CCA or in the field in their own communities. Each field intern is supervised by a field intern supervisor who oversees individual cases, monitors progress, and assures completion of all required hours and reporting.


Students who cannot complete their course within the required time period may apply for up to two three-month extensions for a fee of $400 each. (Additional extensions may be considered after a meeting with Academics.) For more information about the expectations of internship, please see the internship disclosure form available from the College and included in MAS course enrollment materials.


The MAS internship is considered the highest form of advanced practitioner training offered at CCA. MAS Interns receive a stipend of $60.00 per visit during their internship. Onsite Interns who complete their entire internship successfully will have earned a total of $7,500.00. Off-site interns receive the equivalent or greater in patient fees after remitting the required minimum fee to the school for each one-on-one visit. A fee of $75 per initial visit and $35 per follow up visit with each patient will be returned to CCA.

Program Hours:

3,934 (Includes 5 courses)

Required Courses & Curriculum

(click on each for curriculum details) Principles of Ayurvedic Medicine (PAM) (681 hours)
Clinical Ayurvedic Medicine (CAM) (790 hours)
Ayurvedic Health Counselor Internship (AHCi) (693 hours)
Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist Internship (CASi) (757 hours)
Medical Ayurvedic Specialist Certificate Internship (MASi) (1013 hours)

Tuition Information: Click Here for more information.
* Payment options and scholarships are available. Inquire with your Admissions Advisor for details.

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