Principles of Ayurvedic Medicine Course (PAM)

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Fall: Full-Time – October 1st 2024 – May 6th 2025

Fall: Weekend – October 5th 2024 – October 19th 2025

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This is a high-level program providing students with a deep academic foundation in the most important principles of Ayurvedic medicine. Note: Completion of this course will be noted on your transcript. Graduates of this program receive a non-practitioner, academic certificate of completion.


High School Diploma or equivalent

Classes & Curriculum:

This course is both theoretical and practical. Students will learn the principles of Ayurveda and apply them to their own lives. Living Ayurveda is the best way to learn Ayurveda. Students will work on extensive case studies to reinforce the learning process.

Introductory Module: Introduction to Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Lifestyle
Module 1: Philosophy
Module 2: Ayurvedic Anatomy and Physiology 1
Module 3: Ayurvedic Anatomy and Physiology 2
Module 4: Pathology
Module 5: Consultation & Evaluation
Module 6: Ayurvedic Psychology 1
Module 7: Ayurvedic Psychology 2
Module 8: Nutrition
Module 9: Herbalism
Module 10: Sensory Therapies
Module 11: Panchakarma Theory

Additional Requirements:

Students will write a research paper in which they analyze themselves from an Ayurvedic perspective and make recommendations for how they can improve their health and well-being. This will be due prior to the final exam. Students have up to two years to continue with their education. After two years, students will need to take a placement examination to test their recall of the Ayurvedic principles learned in this course.


Fall: Full-Time – October 1st 2024 – May 6th 2025

Fall: Weekend – October 5th 2024 – October 19th 2025

Academic Hours:

681 hours


This program is offered at our Nevada City, California campus and is also broadcast live over the internet in an interactive format, allowing you to attend from anywhere in the world. This program may also be completed through distance learning.


Students may attend this course in the classroom full-time or weekends, live-internet, or complete the program through our distance learning mentorship program.

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