Ayurvedic Education Formats

The California College of Ayurveda recognizes that a variety of educational formats are needed to meet the needs of differing student situations. The College offers students the opportunity to study Ayurveda at a distance and receive the same credit toward all certifications.

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Full-Time Program

Our full-time program offers classes which are attended either in the classroom at our Nevada City campus, or live over the Internet, through our Vedaweb™ system. Students are in class nine hours per week. Due to the extensive amount of class work (studying, assignments, etc.) outside of the regular class hours, this program is ideal for students who do not work full time while attending school. Students who work full time should consider our weekend or distance learning programs.

Weekend Program

Our weekend program offers a slower pace that allows students a greater opportunity to work while going to school. Classes meet one weekend per month. Classes can be attended either in the classroom at our Nevada City campus or live-over- the-internet through our Vedaweb™ system. Students are in class 16 hours per weekend. Students who are in the weekend program are better suited to work full-time while going to school.

Distance Learning/Mentorship Program

The College’s Distance Learning Program is a revolutionary program that integrates home-schooling, classroom education, and a one-on-one relationship with a Master Teacher who guides the student’s education. Distance Learning is available up to the beginning of internship and continues at that time in the form of field-internship and live Internet classes. At that time, the student joins with interns from the classroom program.

The Distance Learning Program is the ideal format for International Students looking for online ayurvedic training as well as for students living in the United States who are independent, motivated, self-starters.

Please note: A Master Teacher is a graduate of CCA who has received additional training to guide students through our program. Master Teachers help keep students on track and moving forward and are available to answer academic questions.

Vedaweb™ Live Online Program

All classes (full-time and weekend) held in Nevada City are broadcast live over the Internet using Vedaweb™ technology. This format enables students to be fully-participating members of the class — to see and be seen by the instructor, to ask questions, to view class materials, and participate in class discussions — all in real time. This format is ideal for students who live at a distance but who still want to be a part of the structured classroom and community. View Frequently Asked Questions.

Internships (On-site and off-site)

All education formats eventually lead to internship. Students in each of our internship programs may either perform their internship in the college’s professional community clinic or within their own communities. Students who perform off-site internships are supervised at a distance by one of our Intern Supervisors.

Learn More About Our Educational Formats

In this audio recording, Dr. Halpern discusses the various educational formats offered at the California College of Ayurveda:

  • Classroom (full-time & weekend)
  • Vedaweb™ (live over Internet)
  • Distance Learning

The talk is followed by a Q&A session.

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