Live Online Classes and Online Mentorship Courses

At CCA we recognize that not everyone has the ability to put their life on hold, pick up the family, and move to California. This is especially true for international students.

With our Live Online Classes and Online Mentorship Courses, those limitations no longer have to hold you back from fulfilling your dreams of becoming a professional Ayurvedic practitioner.

What makes our Live Online Classes and Online Mentorship Courses the Gold Standard in ayurvedic online education?

  • Highly Structured Independent Study Program: This is not a loosely-administered, open-ended program that students may or may not complete. Instead, students must complete each module in a specified amount of time. This helps with student focus.
  • Standards: The program supports the same standards of education that are found in the classroom. Exams are the same as well.
  • Credit: The program provides you with the same credit toward your education as the classroom experience. Distance learning students merge with classroom students during the internships.
  • Support: Students will be assigned a graduate Master Teacher to oversee their education, keep them on track and answer academic questions.
  • Classroom Videos: Students have access to classroom video’s anytime they want to listen to instruction on a module. These are the actual raw classroom videos complete with student questions and teacher responses. While this is not a mandatory part of the program, many students utilize this resource to reinforce their learning.
  • Comfortable Pace: This program follows a pace similar to our weekend program. PAM takes approximately 1 year to complete. CAM takes approximately 1.5 years to complete. Internships are not included in these time frames.
  • Internship: These distance learning academic programs prepare students for internship. No on-site intensives take place prior to the internship training intensive. Internships can be performed onsite or offsite. Learn more about Ayurveda Internships


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