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Embark on a Fascinating Journey into the Ancient Language of Sanskrit

Sanskrit Workshop

The California College of Ayurveda unveils three new Sanskrit Learning Sessions designed to elevate your understanding. Begin with Session 1, a complimentary class that ignites your exploration. Sessions 2 and 3 seamlessly weave together, constructing a foundation that propels your knowledge to a practical level, with newfound clarity and inspiration.

Session 1 – Intro To Sanskrit

January 18th 2024

Free Class  6:00pm – 7:00pm PT

Location – Online

Registration is closed

Session 2 – Beginning Sanskrit

February 16th –  18th  2024

8:30am-11:30am PT

Location Online

Session 3 – Intermediate Sanskrit

March 15th –  17th 2024

8:30am-11:30am PT

Location – Online


Often hailed as the mother of all languages and revered for its scientific nuances. Join us for a transformative learning experience where you will delve into the richness of Sanskrit.


Session 1 (Introduction – Free Class) – Basics of Sanskrit

  • Explore the ‘varnamala’ as we delve into the art of writing Sanskrit letters.
  • Introduction to ‘Samuktaksharas’ and understanding letters of a particular kind.
  • Unveil the world of ‘gunitakshara,’ mixed letters, and the rules governing them.
  • Familiarize yourself with words commonly used in Ayurveda and Yoga.
  • Master the basics with an introduction to the first 10 numbers in Sanskrit.

Session 2 (Beginning Sanskrit) – Diving into Sanskrit Language

  • Begin the class with a revision of the fundamentals.
  • Explore 2 or 3 letter words, marking the actual commencement of the Sanskrit language.
  • Dive into reading and understanding small words, including masculine, feminine, and neuter words.
  • Construct simple sentences and delve into the introduction of slokas and subhashitani.

Session 3 (Intermediate Sanskrit) – Grammar Unveiled – Foundations of Sanskrit

  • Introduce verbs, nouns, and pronouns, unraveling the essential components of Sanskrit grammar.
  • Explore the rules of grammar and set the pace for understanding small stories.
  • Learn to use dictionaries effectively in intermediate sessions.
  • Gain insights into Sandhis, padacheda, and Anvayas for a comprehensive understanding of Sanskrit.

Embark on this linguistic odyssey, and by March, you’ll find yourself equipped to unravel the beauty of Sanskrit in its grammatical intricacies and storytelling charm.

Ravi Desai - Teaching Sanskrit Seminars

Instructor – Ravi Desai

Ravi Desai is a graduate of the Clinical Ayurveda Specialist program. Ravi will be teaching three Sanskrit Seminars at the California College of Ayurveda. Drawing on his own experience, Ravi advocates for a structured approach to learning Sanskrit, emphasizing the importance of repetition in solidifying one’s understanding of this intricate language. Ravi encourages those participating in his seminars to dedicate at least 1-hour a day to studying Sanskrit. He believes that this disciplined approach not only aids in the retention of knowledge but also serves as a key to unlocking the rich tapestry of Ayurvedic literature.

Dates & Times

Introduction to Sanskrit (Online) – January 18th 2024 at 6:00 – 7:00pm PT (Free Intro)

Beginning Sanskrit (Online) – February 16th – February 18th  2024 at 8:30am-11:30am PT

Intermediate Sanskrit (Online) – March 15th – March 17th 2024 at 8:30am-11:30am PT

Additional Information

All classes will be recorded and made available to participants via streaming video for 30 days after the the end of class.




Introduction to Sanskrit – Free Intro Class
Beginning Sanskrit
Intermediate Sanskrit $299 


Session 1 – Intro To Sanskrit

Registration is closed

Session 2 – Beginning Sanskrit

Session 3 – Intermediate Sanskrit

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Enroll in any two or more workshops at the same time and receive a 15% discount on your chosen workshops.
Any transferring and cancellation of registration voids discount. The discount will not include new programs added after registration has been completed.

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