Ayurvedic Foundations Course

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A Home-Study Course on Ayurvedic Principles and Theory

Introductory home study course introduces students to the basic concepts, language and science of Ayurveda and serves as a gateway to the college’s more advanced courses on the subject.

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Home Study Course

Foundations of Ayurveda | Dr. Marc Halpern

Course Overview

This outstanding program introduces students to the science of Ayurveda and will assist students in learning the basic language and concepts of Ayurveda.

Foundations is a required course for students seeking an Ayurvedic Body Therapy certification and who are not studying Ayurveda formally. This course is completed through home study and takes approximately one month to complete. It includes reading and answering questions about how the material relates to your own health and well-being. When the course is complete, it is mailed to the college for review by one of our faculty.

Students who are enrolled at CCA or another Ayurvedic school are exempt from this course, pending approval.


  • History & philosophy of Ayurveda
  • Five element theory
  • Tridoshic theory
  • Sensory therapies
  • Ayurvedic psychology
  • Fundamentals of the human constitution


None. This is a self-directed home study course.

Course Location

This is a home study course.

Course Dates and Times

This course may be started at any time.

Students have 30 days to complete the course from the time the course arrives in the mail. Limited extensions may be granted upon request.



Course Credit

Students receive 50 credit hours of study through the college for completion of this course.

Additional Information

As a prerequisite for the Ayurvedic Body Therapy Course, this course is waived for students enrolled in our Ayurvedic Health Counselor Part 1 (AHC1) program. This class may also be waived for students who have completed other introductory courses upon approval. The course must be completed prior to attending any of our Body Therapy hands-on intensives.

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Enroll in any two or more Workshops at the same time and receive a 10% discount on both workshops. Any transferring and cancellation of registration voids discount. Discount will not include new programs added after registration has been completed.

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Refund Policy

The deposit for workshops & short courses is non-refundable. The Final Balance is due 14 days before the class start date. A student may choose to transfer his/her registration to another class for a fee of $150.00 if done prior to the final balance due date. The ONLY exception to this rule is a documented medical condition. On rare occasions, for reasons beyond CCA’s control, a short course can be cancelled. If you are registered for a short course that the College cancels, you will receive a full refund of any fees paid. While all efforts will be made to avoid cancellations, the College will accept no liability for student losses that occur beyond deposit or tuition actually paid to the College (e.g., non-refundable airfare, time lost from work, equipment expenses).

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