Panchakarma Specialist

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Panchakarma Specialist (44 hours)

Overview: A Panchakarma Specialist is a practitioner who is trained to both understand the traditional process of purifying and rejuvenating the body and is capable of designing and delivering a proper program. Students will attend a 6-day intensive (41 hours) where they learn and practice the hands-on treatments as well as important details about program design and case management and a 3-hour panchakarma case management class (3 hours).


Requirements: Students must complete the College’s Panchakarma academic module in addition to attending the Panchakarma Specialist Intensive. Following the Panchakarma Specialist Intensive, students are required to complete one panchakarma program over the next 3 months and submit a case report. There will be a follow up 3-hour class near the end of the six-month period where several students will be selected to present their cases and students can gain additional guidance on case management


  • Nasya
  • Shanti Komala Basti (Peaceful, easy, enema)
  • Designing Panchakarma Programs
  • Panchakarma Case Management
Tuition:  $1395

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