Pulse Diagnosis Workshop

Join us for a free “outdoor, socially distant and masked”,
Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis Session


Learn your constitution and the nature of any imbalances you may have. You will also attend a brief introduction to Ayurveda with Dr. Marc Halpern. This will include guidance about your next steps for creating balance

Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis will be performed by Ayurvedic Doctor-Interns of the California College of Ayurveda. This pulse reading session will begin your process into the healing journey of Ayurveda.

September 5th from 9:00 am -1:00 pm
There will be three appointment times to sign up for:
9:00 am, 10:30 am & 11:45 am

Participation is By Reservation Only. Call today!

To reserve your spot please call 530-478-9100 Ext. 202 or Email:Frontdesk@ayurvedacollege.com.

COVID-19 NOTE: Please note that due to Covid-19, consultations will take place outside with 10 feet or greater between each group (Intern-Patient). The introductory class will also be set up for appropriate social distancing with a minimum of 6 feet of space between our guests. We require all participants to wear some form of a face mask during this event. During your class, once seated, it is Ok to remove it if you choose. During your consultation, your practitioner will also be wearing a face mask or shield. You will be asked to remove your face mask for brief periods during the examination. You may also remove it if you are sitting greater than six feet apart.