Job Description: Pancha Karma Therapist at CCA’s Panchakarma Center

Job Title:  Pancha Karma Specialist

General Description:  Provides panchakarma and spa therapies and helps the spa to run smoothly by supporting all of the activities at the center. 

Job Responsibilities:  Performs daily pancha karma and spa therapies as scheduled which includes preparing the therapy room with necessary equipment, oils, herbs, etc, performing the therapies as well as cleaning and setting up the room for the next therapy.  

This position may at times also include preparing appropriate meals for the patient 3x/day. The Specialist will be responsible for cooking, setting up and delivering the meals, beverages, and possibly snacks.  It also requires occasional lifting to fill water containers, cleaning of the patient’s room and bathroom, cleaning of the kitchen after food preparation, putting away laundry, and organizing inventory. 

The Pancha Karma Spa Therapist Assistant will be required to report pertinent patient information to the managing Practitioner.

When there are no patients for Pancha Karma or Spa therapies, this position will require marketing and promotion of the Spa and Pancha Karma Center through flier distribution, managing booths, sending emails, working on the marketing plan, etc. 

Hours:  20 hours/ week on average per month.  Position may include some time on weekends. 

Qualities of the ideal candidate:  Applicants must be either a CCA trained Ayurvedic Body Therapist or Pancha Karma Specialist.  We are looking for a compassionate, kind, honest, hard working, grounded, positive, and creative individual to join our Pancha Karma team.  

Ancillary Opportunities: The interested practitioner may request performing consultations at the College’s clinic. This may be discussed with Dr. Halpern.  Practitioners earn between 40% and 65% of services rendered.

Future Opportunities: This position may grow to become full- time. In addition, there are few limits for the right candidates as often staff is often given the opportunity to participate as Intern supervisors or teachers if there is an interest and ability.

Starting Salary: 1300.00 per month (20 hours per week)

Contact person:  Please send your resume and a cover letter to Sylvia Disney, Pancha Karma Center and Clinic Director at